Bath Salt Zombies

What Was Special: Bath Salt Zombies

Bath Salt Zombies

If you are one of those interesting people who are interested in zombie movies, you would have watched many of them in the course of your eccentric days; movies like Dawn of the Dead, Wicked Little Things, Zombieland and even the mega-budget Brad Pitt starrer  World War Z, at $125 million released only in June last year. Compare this with the budget of would you believe it $5,000 that the makers spent for Bath Salt Zombies and you know Bath Salt Zombies is special.

Dustin Mills, the Director

Director Dustin Wayde Mills is not new to zombie movies. His Zombi A-hole was not a huge success though it had received some positive reviews. Brandon Salkil and Josh Eal were the leading actors in it too.

The Killer Drug

Richie (Salkil) lives in New York and, like many other guys in the city, cannot survive without the designer drug named bath salts. The users, suppliers and dealers have all shifted to New York following the crackdown in the South-West U.S. Riche visits his regular supplier to get a fix and the latter hands him a free sample pack of salts in a cigarette form. This new strain turns those who take it into zombies who will stop at nothing and kill anyone they came across. Jos Eal (Agent Forster) is from Drugs Enforcement Agency who is trying to locate the source of the new strain.

The Plot Thickens

Richie smokes the cigarette in a friend’s apartment and soon attacks and kills her after ripping her face off. Her boyfriend is killed too. Richie, when he regains his faculty, finds himself in the bath at his house but does not remember anything that he had done. He recalls the events after a while and gets rid of the rest of the pack. However, due to the addictive nature of the cigarette, he gets hold of another pack from his supplier.  His unfeeling disposition eggs him on to more violence and more killing.  Agent Forster meanwhile is running against time. Richie may even cause a killing on a mass scale. Will Forster be able to stop him? That is for you to find out.

The Verdict

Given the ridiculously low budget that the movie had been shot with, one cannot dismiss it

outright as inconsequential. It is no masterpiece and that is readily conceded.  While the concept is not fresh out the oven, it is not stale either. The search for the source of danger is full of excitement and the conflict is well etched out. Special effects are surprisingly good when you consider the budget constraints.  Some people may be put off by the gore that is strewn around all through the movie but it cannot be labeled too horrific.

Watch It

The cartoon lasting five minutes as intro is fun-watching. Though the movie is only 59 minutes long, it is a bit slow. Some scenes are too long but before you realize it, the story moves on.  The narrative flows without any hitch mainly because there are not many characters and there is no subplot. It may not be in the class of the old Dracula movies but it has its own merits.

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New “The Walking Dead” Hyundai Santa Fe

Just think: Hyundai used to be known for its warranties.
No this image isn’t from burning man, or a cartoon spin-off of The Walking Dead: it’s from Hyundai.


Underneath all those guns and blades is a sensible Santa Fe crossover, one of the best rental cars you will ever drive.

Designed by Anson Kou, the zombie slashing vehicle is the winner of The Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app contest and will debut at the San Diego Comic-Con next week.

The app was part of an ongoing partnership between Hyundai and the AMC show The Walking Dead. We see it also as Hyundai’s desperate attempt to compete with the Kia hamsters for a younger audience.


The actual car was built by Gaipan Auto Sports – who clearly had a closet filled with spare swords and guns. At the Con, people will be able to get inside the vehicle and check out its features, get zombie face paint, or claim some free swag.

I just hope that swag includes tetanus shots because getting into that car without becoming impaled on it looks just a bit tricky.

So what about the car itself? It has a grab-bag of knives and samurai swords, razor wired windows, aluminum armor (for zombies that throw rocks?), an automatic crossbow, and three machine guns. This all sounds good in theory except maybe the crossbow, which, despite having been banned by the pope, has been out of date since the 16th century.


In practice though, I have questions. Razor wire on the windows seems more likely to just act like zombie flypaper then to be any real barrier. And while the Santa Fe is a good car it isn’t exactly overflowing with power, or, for that matter, off-roading prowess. Adding several thousand pounds of pointy and shooty bits probably hasn’t helped 0-60 much.

Still, it is a commendable first effort. I am not such a spoilsport that I won’t offer Mr. Kou, or the Hyundai design team, a ride in my zombie apocalypse mobile when I find them stuck on the first speed-bump.


If nothing else, this post-apocalyptic crossover and that “Gangnam Style” song show that the South Korea people have a far better sense of humor than anyone gave them credit for.

Hyundai’s zombie battling Santa Fe may have its flaws, but we are glad that someone is paying attention to issues of serious public concern.

So I say kudos Hyundai – and keep at it. You may not be perfect, but you are much better at this zombie thing than Brad Pitt.

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The Walking Dead Fan Guide to Zombie Beauty

deadsexyNew York, NY – October 15, 2013 – Riverdale Avenue Books has launched “Dead Sexy: The Walking Dead Fan Guide to Zombie Style, Beauty, Parties, and a Ghoul-Lurching UNLifestyle,” the second pop culture book by author Paula Conway to feature exclusive limited-time offers for readers.   “Dead Sexy” features a section on travel with recommendations on where the dead (and their friends) go to unwind.  The exclusive travel discounts for readers are from some of the most haunted hotels in America.

The book, “DEAD SEXY” assumes we are living in a present zombie apocalypse, and that many people around us are in fact, zombies.   The UNlifestyle guide includes: a section on zombie etiquette from celebrity etiquette expert, Dawn Bryan; zombie dating guidelines; dead sexy travel destinations; and more than 70 exclusive dead sexy deals with deep discounts on fashion, food, beauty, travel, and more.

“Zombies don’t make the same travel choices as the rest of us,” said author Paula Conway.  “They look for destinations that are quiet, relatively underpopulated or great places to enjoy a thoughtful haunting.  Cities like New Orleans that are rich in voodoo and zombie culture, also with a lot of great haunted graveyards, this is where zombies want to unwind.  And since they make decisions slowly, offering a discount or perk tends to get them to book a bit faster.”

The exclusive “Dead Sexy” travel deals include:

·         Two frightfully fabulous offers from the legendary luxury liner, The Queen Mary: The Dead Sexy Dark Harbor Stay and Scare Hotel Package ($229); the one-night stay includes tickets for two Dark Harbor admission tickets, plus two fast fright front of line passes; and the Dead Sexy Dining with the Spirits Hotel Package ($237); the three-course dinner for two at Sir Winston’s includes a paranormal investigation with a trained guide exploring the Queen Mary’s haunted hot spots, plus one night aboard The Queen Mary.  Known as “The Grey Ghost” during WWII, when The Queen Mary served as a transport ship, hauntings aboard the QM are numerous.  Among them, the cook who was cooked because the troops didn’t like his meal, and the little girl who broke her neck on the pool deck sliding down a bannister.

·         20% off overnight accommodations at The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri, where the hauntings included the spirit of a little boy named Zeke.

·         25% off any room booked at a standard rate at The Victoria Inn in Anniston, Alabama.  Among the hauntings in The Victoria Inn, footsteps are heard at night from spots where no one is found, and music from the piano room when it is empty.

·         Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa in Pray, Montana will provide ghoulish treats in “Dead Sexy” guest rooms upon arrival.  Legend has it that the ghost of Percie Knowles, who built the original structure with her husband in 1900 and died on the property, appears from time to time wearing a white dress.

·         Take 15% off food service at the Story Inn, Nashville, IN, where “the blue lady” walks at night and has been spotted by literally hundreds of guests.

·         Dead Sexy guests of The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona take 15% off rooms up to king-size.  There are apparently more than 16 recorded entities, including Billy, the boy who steals coins and Julia, who slinks under the blanket in room 315.

All deals, discounts and offers require a unique code, varied and set by the merchandiser, which can only be obtained by purchasing the book. Many also have embedded links, only accessible through the book.

For more information, contact Alyssa Tognetti at Astonish Media Group (347) 878-5977.

Buy the ebook for $9.99 at  Amazon and

The Walking Dead Season 3

‘The Walking Dead’ Season Premiere Draws 16.1 Million TV Viewers

The Walking Dead Season 3AMC’s cult zombie horror series “The Walking Dead” drew its largest audience in the show’s history, 16.1 million viewers, for the season premiere on Sunday, the U.S. cable television network said on Monday. By REUTERS

AMC’s cult zombie horror series “The Walking Dead” drew its largest audience in the show’s history, 16.1 million viewers, for the season premiere on Sunday, the U.S. cable television network said on Monday.

Published: October 14, 2013 at 5:29PM

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Fantasy Fest Masquerade March – Anything Goes!

KEY WEST, Florida Keys – Revelers dressed as leering evildoers, stalwart action heroes and other captivating characters are to parade through Key West’s historic Old Town Friday, Oct. 25, during the anything-goes Fantasy Fest Masquerade March.

The march is a highlight of the annual pre-Halloween festival scheduled Oct. 18-27. Themed “Super Heroes, Villains… & Beyond,” Fantasy Fest features more than 40 colorful events for masked and costumed partiers.

The masquerade march typically draws spirited bands and merrymakers wearing everything from feathered masks and dazzling costumes to finery inspired by the annual festival theme.

Free to enter and watch, the 2013 promenade is to start at 5 p.m. at the Key West Cemetery’s Frances Street entrance. Participants are to proceed along two routes, stopping for libations at bed-and-breakfast inns along the way.

festSpectators typically line the streets of Key West’s historic district, applauding and sometimes joining in, before the march reaches its end at the Fantasy Fest Street Fair on mile-long Duval Street.

Past years’ participants have included wild-eyed zombies in tattered garb, a male quartet in matching Wonder Woman costumes and a group of “crab people” wearing little more than oversized orange “claws.”

The march is a prelude to the annual festival highlight, the Oct. 26 Captain Morgan Fantasy Fest Parade through Key West’s downtown district. The glittering procession is to include dozens of elaborately decorated floats, costumed marching groups and high-energy island-style bands.

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad, who on Sept. 2 became the first person to swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys without a shark cage, is to be the parade’s grand marshal.

Event information:
Key West visitor information: or 1-800-LAST-KEY
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Visiting Dawn of the Donut! Spokane Horror Scene Eats

I was born in, partially grew up in and went to highschool in Spokane, Washington, a city notorious for family values, meth, and nothing at all for young people to do, – at least that’s the way it used to be. I recently went back for a 4 days visit and found that Spokane has changed enormously, even in the last 4 years since I was there. We found coffee shops all over the place, natural food stores were easy to find, music venues downtown were allowed to stay open and now, designer donuts!

When I heard about Dawn of the Donut online somewhere I had to look twice at the location. How could Spokane of all places produce something as cool as what Portland my former city,  has had for years? Portland’s VooDoo Doughnut has been a national sensation in the past ( I even saw an article in Southwest Airlines Magazine once) but hasn’t really grown much past their second location that opened before I moved away in 2009. There’s no doubt that Dawn of the Donut is  inspired by their west coast doppelganger (they even had little voodoo men shaped donuts as well)  but don’t let that convince you that they’re not unique or special in their own Spokane style way.

Ghost Pepper Donuts!

Carrie Burns In Hell – Ghost Pepper Donuts!

We showed up at Dawn of the Donut around 11am on a Saturday and found the place quite busy. We were still able to walk right up to the counter and make our huge order without holding anyone up. I had called ahead just in case they didn’t have 2 dozen donuts, 6 of them needing to be ghost pepper, but they said they had more than enough stock of everything. Unfortunately they close at 1pm, something I desperately hope they change because we showed up the day before to try some out and while we were parked, 4 more people pulled in hoping they were open as well. They could definitely make money being open later (VooDoo is open 24hrs for late night drinkers and early morning risers) though they don’t have a central locations like them. I don’t consider Donuts a breakfast food myself, unless I really want a stomach ache, so I’m more likely to eat them for desert or at completely random times.

Dawn of the Donut has great signage outside, no one could possibly miss them if they tried. When we walked inside we could tell the place was well on its way to being bad-ass in decor as well as food. We were greeted by a zombie Donut when we walked in the door and while we waited for our dozens, we checked out Lady Mangle-Face in the corner (I just gave her that name) and sneaked in some photos of our order being fulfilled.

As far as taste goes, Dawn of the Donut is phenomenal and nothing beats their names! They are huge fans of all my favorite horror movies!  I don’t eat too many sweets in general but that entire day, the only thing I ate was The Reanimator – A Redbull Frosting Donut and the Carrie Burns In Hell – A bright red donut with Ghost Pepper flakes.

We got the Carrie Burns In Hell donuts so that a few of us could have a spicy food challenge but no one seemed interested when the time came. I was the first to have one of course – and I eat A LOT of spicy food and ghost pepper is my favorite and has been for the last couple years (I even tried to grow my own plant). We use the flakes in about half our meals and I put Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa on the other half, and everything has jalapenos in it (everything). So we’re a bit jaded on hot things. The Carrie Burns in Hell was was a little spicy, but not what I was expecting. I even gave my friend’s dad a taste. He’s from Kentucky and Texas and was unphased, as he also eats a lot of spicy food. He had the second donut, then my best friend, then my best friend’s sister’s husband and so one til there was only one left and no tears in sight. I think they are appropriately spicy for the average dare devil but for the every day hot sauce abuser, ask for extra flakes (maybe they should just put the flakes in the frosting).

The kids seemed to love the cereal covered ones, the Coco – Apocalypse and Fido (yep, that Fido!) donuts, and several of the adults liked the Maple Bacon ones. I’m vegetarian so I’ve never tried them myself but they always seemed really popular and possible what made Voodoo Doughnut famous.  I wanted to get some of the vegan options but I knew I wouldn’t eat enough of them to justify it and I really had to try a Ghost Pepper one!

If you’ve never seen a blog this long about a Donut place, no one will be surprised, but given how long I’ve known Spokane and how much I love designer Donuts (way better than designer cupcakes), I was so glad I had time to visit Dawn of the Donut during my short time in town! I recommend anyone who happens to be in or near Spokane to make the drive!

Check out their facebook page, especially if you live in Spokane!

Gloomy Day in Spokane

Gloomy Day in Spokane

Lady Mangle-Face

Lady Mangle-Face

Our order being made!

Our order being made!

Melissa Cowan as Bicycle Girl

The Walking Dead “Zombiefied” – An Interactive Zombie Process

Everyone is almost literally peeing their pants with anticipation for the next season of The Walking Dead and there just is never enough stuff out there to get us through it alive. Fortunately for all of us I’ve been turned on to one of the most fun Walking Dead websites I’ve seen in a while,’s “Zombiefied”. 

Zombiefied is a fun yet educational way to learn about some of your favorite walkers and the process they went through to become the stuff of nightmares. If you’re into special effects, or for example watch the SyFy Channel show Face Off you will absolutely love this.

One of my favorite walkers detailed in Zombiefied, known as “Bicycle Girl” (aka the first walker Rick sees laying on the ground) is played by an actress I follow on facebook, Melissa Cowan. It was fascinating seeing the makeup process and hearing about the casting process, and clips like the following continue throughout the interactive experience.


Check out the whole interactive Zombiefied feature by visiting or clicking the image below!

The Walking Dead Zombified: A Behind the Scenes Look at a Day in the Life of the Dead
Click image to open the interactive version. Created by the team at the blog


Top Ten Halloween Costumes 2013

Every year millions of people around the world cannot help but get excited as Halloween approaches. With a world of rapidly changing trends it can be tough to know what costumes are hot and which are not. Take a look and find which celebrity, or scary monster you want to be on Thursday 31st October 2013.


1- Monster Morphsuit

monster morph

Morphsuits have quickly risen to being one of the most popular costumes worldwide, with the ability to turn you into an instant celebrity, and for this Halloween they are bringing the scare factor back to Halloween with this new limited edition monster collection.


2- Real Beating Heart Zombies

With the trend towards wearable technology exploding (i.e. Google Glasses), this Halloween will see the first ever costumes that incorporate smartphone app animations, invented by Mark Rober a NASA scientist. Just imagine dressing as a Zombie doctor or pirate, but instead of simply using make up to create a chest wound, your iPhone runs an app displaying a beating heart to the other guests. You can toggle through 3 other different animations to show crawling maggots, tarantulas and wriggling snakes to blow peoples minds…! Simply download the FREE Morphsuits app, select your animation and get ready to be king of the party!


3- Miley Cyrus

The former Hannah Montana star is in the media on a daily basis, but lately for all of the wrong reasons. Miley will be everywhere you look this Halloween- through a combination of her remaining child fans, people mocking her recent antics and some odd, grown men.


4- Despicable Me 2 Minions

Despicable Me 2 has been one of 2013’s most popular films, with the minion characters taking the main focus. Toys, t-shirts and now Halloween costumes are expected to follow, and sell huge figures. The cuddly minions will be popular amongst children across the country.


5- Saving Private Morph


army men

Lets face it; toy soldier costumes have always been one of the most popular and fun group costumes to dominate a party, and this trend is only set to increase this year with the release of the new Call of Duty video game.



Khaleesi from Game of Thrones

6- Khaleesi

Game of Thrones has become one of televisions hottest shows, and Khaleesi has become the most loved character. The rise in her popularity has seen many starting to call their daughter by her name. With the show being the talk of the world, you can bet you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of Khaleesi costumes.


7- Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the worlds most popular, and loveable characters, but the 2013 release of Iron Man 3 should only see its demand increase. Labeled a cool, flashy and desirable costume, so why not be your favourite super hero?


8- Transforming Costumes

Real transforming costumes are sure to be the award winning costume as this is the first Halloween they are available to buy with limited edition stock. Perfect for when you’re being chased by a gaggle of girls or the establishment or when you’re just at a party and want to blow party-goers minds with your transforming skillz.


9- Baby Shrek

Shrek has been one of most popular films for the last decade, and the demand to be Shrek is as hot as ever. Although he is supposed to be a scary ogre, he is loveable, friendly and cute. With this cuteness in mind, expect to see plenty of cute babies in a Shrek costume.


licensed-batman-costume-for-men10- Batman

Batman has forever been a favourite cartoon character, and therefore a popular choice for a Halloween costume. Smart, stylish and sharp, Batman is the perfect choice for all the young and old males… A safe, but popular choice! Now all you need to do is find somebody to be Robin.



Halloween is all about having fun, but many want to look the part also, so these tips will help you to stay on top and get the costume that’s just right for you.


Daryl Dixon Action Figures for Boys and Girls

MF14539lgDaryl Dixon is everyone’s favorite, basically. I remember when I first started watching the show I didn’t know what to think of him. Was he as big of an asshole as his brother? They just kind of threw us in there with him and we didn’t know if he would bite, scratch of be a favorite.

He started off good by being in the woods hunting while everyone else cowered around their campsites. He kind of didn’t seem to care if he lived or died for the most part but after a short time, we did care. Daryl became the most loved character on the show, consistently badass with little hints of humanity and sweetness, without ruining his reputation.
So this is why you need this
Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Action Figure & Motorcycle Deluxe Box Set

This particular one is preorder only, doesn’t come out til March of next year, but it’ll be worth it. If you can’t wait, try these awesome figures as well!

Daryl and his Poncho

Walking Dead TV Merle and Daryl Dixon Action Figure 2-Pack

Daryl and Merl!



The Haunted Florida Keys Halloween Guide for 2013

Quirky and laidback year-round, the Haunted Florida Keys turn to mischievous mayhem on Halloween. Hauntings take place throughout the island chain from Key Largo all the way down to mile marker (MM) 0 in Key West, the southernmost city in the continental United States.

Brave divers can earn prizes for creating the most horrific jack-o-lantern during the annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest set for 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 19. Hosted by Amy Slate’s Amoray Dive Resort, MM 104.5 bayside in Key Largo, the contest is open to all certified scuba divers. Buddy teams each receive a hollowed-out pumpkin to turn into a scary creation. The fee is $85 per diver for the two-tank, two-location dive, and teams are encouraged to sign up early since space is limited. For details, visit or call 800-426-6729.


Howl and squeal with gusto during the free, on- and off-the-water excitement of Haunted Robbie’s (MM 77.5) set for Thursday, Oct. 17. Islamorada’s family-friendly marina is to host a 5:30-7 p.m. spook-tacular show for costumed ghouls age 12 and under. Attractions include a kids’ corner, candy, fun, food and refreshments. Starting at 7 p.m. the excitement amps up for older spirits with harrowing canal rides, a scary maze haunted by ghostly pirates and denizens of neighboring Indian Key, food, wine tastings and more. Visit or call 305-664-8070.

For Halloween happenings in the Middle Keys, venture into Crane Point’s Haunted Hammock, inhabited by ghosts, ghouls and pirates starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31.The beautiful 63-acre Crane Point Hammock, located at MM 50.5 bayside in Marathon, turns into a spooky haunted habitat. Geared toward youngsters age 12 and under, the fright-filled fun is free to the public. Visit or call 305-743-3900.

Also Oct. 31, costumed goblins and ghouls can trick or treat at Marathon’s outdoor Gulfside Village shopping plaza, 5800 Overseas Highway. The annual community Halloween party is open to the public from 5:30 to 7 p.m.with refreshments and treats for children, parents and grandparents to enjoy.

Robert-the-Haunted-Doll-from-KWAHS-PRDays and nights of ghoulish delight are planned for the annual Haunting of Fort Zachary Taylor, a Civil War-era fort beside Key West’s Atlantic Ocean shoreLive “shows” are set for Oct. 18-20, 24-25, 27 and 30-31, treating visitors to otherworldly celebrations not suitable for mere mortals. Attendees are encouraged to don devilish costumes Oct. 19 for the Vampires Ball beginning at 8 p.m., and tricks and treats for the little ones are planned for Kid’s Day, scheduled 5-7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20. Ghost-seekers can access Fort Taylor and its surrounding state park from an entrance on Southard Street past Thomas Street. Kid’s Day entry is free with park admission. Admission to the haunting is $13 per adult, $10 for military personnel, $8 for kids and free for children under age 5. Hours are 8-11 p.m. (midnight on Halloween). Learn more at

Revelers can unleash hidden heroics or devious alter egos Friday, Oct. 18, through Sunday, Oct. 27, during Key West’s annual Fantasy Fest celebration. The 2013 festival includes 10 days of masquerade balls, costume contests, parties and uninhibited escapades, all climaxing in an epic grand parade Saturday, Oct. 26. The traditional Children’s Day offers food, games, arts and crafts as well as a costume contest. The family fun takes place Sunday, Oct. 27, from noon to 5 p.m. in the island’s Bayview Park at Truman Avenue and Eisenhower Drive. For Fantasy Fest information, visit For Children’s Day details, call 305-292-8912.

Florida Keys event calendar:
Florida Keys visitor information: or 1-800-FLA-KEYS
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Zombie Shorts: The ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ Series

Zombie with a Shotgun is a short series documenting the early days of a semi-living man and his transition into Zombiedom.

A suspenseful and artsy short series, Zombie with a Shotgun is a visually and emotionally enticing story. I would love to see where the story goes or a full length film! The shorts progressively get better as they go, so check out the full series below or visit the Vimeo site here.

Zombie with a Shotgun ~ Episode: 1 from Zombie with a Shotgun on Vimeo.

Zombie With a Shotgun, Episode ~ 2 from Zombie with a Shotgun on Vimeo.

Zombie with a Shotgun ~ Episode 3 from Zombie with a Shotgun on Vimeo.

Zombie with a Shotgun ~ Episode 4 from Zombie with a Shotgun on Vimeo.

All the shorts in the series are in great visual quality, especially difficult for dark places, The sound quality is also superb and sound effects and music great. The camera movements and focus is my favorite and placement of the actors in the scene or relative to each other never seems awkward or inappropriate.  Working with a limited budget the crew really seemed to take full advantage of the visual elements they had at their disposal rather than rely on sub par elements in an attempt to pretend to be something it’s not. Also, the actors are all great and/or interesting looking which is a big plus to me!

The acting in the series seems to improve as it goes on, as with many shorts I’ve seen, although some of the actual lines seemed a little “on the fly” at times, unnatural at others, the overall quality of  the series shows real promise, for a feature or longer running series.


Zombabiez Everywhere! – A Baby Costume to Un-die For!

A genuinely terrifying and awesome idea from the mind of a costuming genius was brought to our attention recently. Our experience and knowledge of Zombie Children being vast, we thought it only appropriate to encourage others to support this Kickstarter for ZOMBABIEZ baby zombie costume!

Zombabiez baby zombie costume

A great family costume idea or entire party theme could crop up from this gem. Imagine a horde of zombie babies crawling towards you, their parents close behind! A time of year and costume where being bit by a baby is finally normal!

One of the most frightening characters to me is the zombie baby in Dead Alive by Peter Jackson so I hold a special place for this costume. Although I have no kids, it will likely be my first gift for the next one born to someone I know.

Bring it on zombabiez! I can handle it!!


It was November, 2011. [Zombabiez creator] was someone’s date to a wedding and awkwardly sitting on the back porch making conversation with strangers. From behind me, a baby crawled out onto the porch and the guy chatting with me gave a start, cutting out mid-sentence. He then exclaimed, “PHEW, I thought it was a torso-only zombie.” It was gold, and that night, the idea for Zombabiez, the torso-only zombie baby Halloween costume, was born.

Zombabiez baby zombie costume



The Zombabiez costume only comes in one size and should fit most 0-9 month olds. It measures 23″ from neck to bottom, and will fit waists up to 26″. It is worn through an opening in the back that has two small velcro closures. Everything is made with child safe materials and smaller parts are tacked down to avoid choking hazards

31e82a8f77e855897c811ef20c121865_large 7d48db2f1dda1a104086d915a3ebe56c_large