Fantastic, Affordable, Zombie Subscription Box from

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I’m a sucker for subscription boxes but some are just to general for my taste. I like lots of nerdy stuff, and with the various geek boxes out there, I can get some amazing stuff, but I can also get an action figure for The Flash ( which I don’t care much about just now) and cans of “Unicorn Meat” (no thanks). I have a small house, I travel too much to give unwanted toys and gags away to any friends, and I just don’t want to waste things by getting things I don’t want. What I need is a Zombie Subscription Box.


Louisville Zombie Walk Owes the City Big!

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zombie walk louisville
Organizers of the annual Louisville Zombie Attack only have to pay the city for half of the cost associated with cleaning up a significant amount of garbage their event left along Bardstown Road this year.

The mess drew heavy criticism from Highlands residents and business owners, and Mayor Greg Fischer’s office, which warned Zombie Attack — where thousands dress up and wear makeup pretending to be the undead — that the city would have to reconsider the annual zombie walk if those problems are not addressed….