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VICTORINOX I.N.O.X. Survival Accessory Smart Watches From a Historic Brand

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This watch embodies the history of a pioneering brand that creates objects characterized by ultimate functionality and uncompromising quality. 4 years of deliberation, 3 years of development, 6 months oftrials, 421 prototypes and 130 tests have established a new standard in watchmaking.

Three hands and a date. A beveled bezel, seemingly sculpted by a knife. A monobloc dial with a clean design. A modern signature. This apparent simplicity conceals technical complexity while its perfectlybalanced structure is robust with comfortable fit. Made to last, it defies deliberate obsolescence. Its perfection verges on an obsession, its performance, the stuff of records.

I.N.O.X. is the watch of a lifetime. Suited to every moment. Simply timeless.

It took three years to finalize the development of one of the most robust watches ever imagined. A demanding initiative, crowned with success. In just two years, I.N.O.X. has become the flagship of theVictorinox Swiss Army watch division. Now, just a fraction of a second is needed to change its identity. A singular yet multiple model.

The ultimate test has been added to the 130 tests already in place to guarantee the resistance of the I.N.O.X. collection : the test of time. Ensuring the continued success of a model requires more than flawless technicality. It must be constantly reinvented. At a relentless pace. Without ever betraying its true character. The watch shows the time, the accessory marks the moment. It is spontaneous without being immediate, temporary without being futile.

Just like the famous Swiss Army Knife unfolds its blades to reveal successive layers of ingenious functions, I.N.O.X. further expands its adaptability. It is a modular and multidisciplinary toolbox featuring as many accessories as personalities. True to the brand’s pioneering spirit, they imbue the timepiece with genuine versatility.

Sold separately, a selection of 10 accessories—including paracord straps, compass bumpers and two smart bumpers known as the Cybertool—offers true freedom of expression. Thirty distinct combinations for each of the I.N.O.X. models. An option for every mood, a function for every need, a style for every lifestyle. Personal, playful and smart.


The Cybertool

A simple yet ingenious idea with a simple and rational design. The Victorinox Swiss Army Cybertool is a smart wearable device in the strictest sense of the term. Worn on an I.N.O.X. watch, it multiplies the timepiece’s functions and opens up a world of possibilities.

Designed by the research and development center of leading computing and communications company, Acer, the Cybertool offers the best of both worlds. To ensure an optimal user experience, this smart device has been meticulously developed and simultaneously tested in the two brands’ laboratories. Produced in partnership with Acer, it gives lovers of wearable technology an exclusive solution.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Cybertool is equipped with a range of characteristics that echo the brand’s essence. Using two push buttons, the “Help” function triggers the smartphone to send three pre-set contacts a message with your GPS position1 in the event of an emergency, “Find my Phone” activates your smartphone’s ringtone so you can locate it even in silent mode, and an LED backlight can be activated to improve the readability of the watch dial in the dark. In addition, the Cybertool offers all the functions expected on this type of smart device – incoming calls and messages notification, daily activity tracker, and multiple time zone display.

Compatible with iOS and Android, fitted with Gorilla Glass, and offering an average autonomy of five to seven days, it is a wrist-worn relay for your smartphone. All you need is an application, available for download. In deep black or indigo blue, at home on land or at sea, the Cybertool is the promise of adventure.

The Paracord strap

Already present in the Victorinox Swiss Army watch collection, the paracord strap is now available as an accessory. The ideal I.N.O.X. companion, it was developed in close partnership with Swedish brand Naimakka. Hand-woven from nylon cord originally used for parachute suspension lines, its uncompromising strength is equaled only by its multifunctional nature. The strands of this survival tool can be unraveled to cope with the most unexpected situations to improvise a shelter, secure a pack or weave a fishing net.

Available with an exclusive Swiss Army Knife featuring a special blade for attaching the strap to the watch case, the unique and versatile paracord is useful everywhere and anywhere. On a hike or in an urban setting. Camo, black, red or sand shades. Life is your adventure.

The compass bumper

Highly inspired by cellphone cases, the removable I.N.O.X. bumper adopts its fundamental features: protective and distinctive. Easily adjusted to the case of the I.N.O.X. watch, it perfectly hugs its contours. In red, blue, black or translucent gray, it transforms the timepiece as much as it prevents your watchfrom the scratches of daily wear. The four cardinal points make it a compass. The four colors give it multiple identities.

Check out more specs and find a store locator on the Victorinox Website



Round LED Display


Incoming Call Notification, Mail & Message Notification,

Event Reminder, Time Zone, Pedometer, Active Minutes,

Calories Burned, Goal Setting, Countdown, Stopwatch,

Find My Phone, Help, Assistant Light

(Some features are accessible from the companion smartphone app)






60mAh Li-polymer, Non-Replaceable Battery

5-7 days battery life, subject to usage




53.1 x 52 x 21.9 mm

Screen – Gorilla Glass 3

Body – TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)


Android 4.4.2+

iOS 8.0+


A day at Wizard World Comic Con Raleigh

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We were a little ways south in Savannah, Georgia when we heard about the Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh. Neither of us had been to one, despite living in Portland, Oregon for years, and on the road ,we always manage to miss them or be on the opposite side of the country. I’d been to an Anime Con before, with the featured band’s entourage, and I hoped for something a little bigger, better, and less filled with teens. I was not disappointed.


Zombie Takeover in Edinburgh Scotland

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EDINBURGH has come under attack many times in its bloody history, but never quite like this. An unknown pathogen is ravaging the city, turning those infected into shambling, bloodthirsty beasts – zombies are on the loose.



That’s the scenario that will face audiences at Summerhall this week, when LAS theatre’s new experiential production, Deadinburgh, locks down for a three-day run, beginning tomorrow.

Immersive and interactive, Deadinburgh’s audiences will become the last un-infected citizens of Edinburgh, a city, under martial law and cut off from the rest of the UK.

With the help of scientists they will have only hours to decide how to save the Capital and perhaps the world.

Imagine being in an episode of Channel 5’s The Walking Dead and you get the idea.

“There are definite parallels with The Walking Dead,” says director Barra Collins. “The success of that series is that it’s not really about the zombies, but about people in an extraordinary situation. In a way that is what Deadinburgh is too. It’s an extraordinary situation in which the audience are given access to the people inhabiting that world.”

Consequently, everyone has their own part to play in the piece, although Collins is keen to stress that interaction can be as much or as little as the individual likes.

“When the audience arrive, the actors will talk directly to them. They will be split into six companies, each accompanied by a pair of soldiers as they go through the building meeting different scientists along the way.

“Each group will have a completely unique experience. At the end, they will all gather together to decide what to do. There are three choices and the ending of the play depends on what they decide.”

With actors playing the infected hordes and besieged soldiers, the audience’s options are to destroy the city, cull the infected or search for a cure.

Joining the cast to help them solve the problem will be real life scientists Grace Coia and Sarah Keer-Keer.

Coia, a hypno-psychotherapist dealing with eating disorders, will address the undiscriminating rush to annihilate people with zombie-like symptoms.

Keer-Keer from Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, meanwhile, will attempt to help the audience understand what is happening at the molecular level, explaining cells, viruses and antibodies and how they spread and the impact they can have.

“The great thing about having real scientists is that they can hopefully answer any questions on the audience’s mind. If it was an actor, the actor wouldn’t necessarily be able to go off script.

“It’s certainly going to be a rewarding show for inquisitive minds but equally interesting for those who would rather take a more passive approach.”

That said, a passive approach won’t stop you coming face to face with the dreaded zombies, or Palps as they are known in Deadinburgh.

“We’re not calling them zombies, they are PALPs – person affected with the Lazarus pathogen – and there may well be a boundary breach by the PALPs causing a stand-off between the military and the infected citizens desperate to get into the safe zone.”

It all sounds like exciting, if gory fun, but there is a serious side to the production, which uses the zombie epidemic to ask what it really means to be human?

“There will be people who say we have to destroy the infection or it could spread and then kill millions more. The other side of that is, these are real people, so when does a person stop being a person and become just infected tissue? The ethics of epidemics are addressed in the show. Do we really understand what is happening to these people? Could they be treated? What are their human rights? Are we in a position where we can shoot them? They might just have a brain degenerative disorder that is akin to Alzheimer’s, so does that mean if we shoot these people it might have a knock on effect on the way we treat other people with other illnesses?

“It’s about realising the consequences of our decisions and what they mean to the bigger world picture.”


Deadinburgh, Summer-hall, formerly the Dick Vet School, tomorrow-Sunday, 7.30pm, £15, 0845-874 3001



Zombie Saves Cat from Certain Death in New York City

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Zombie Saves Cat in NYCThey say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but for late-night New Yorkers who recently witnessed a blood-spattered zombie chasing a black cat near Times Square, it was hard not to stop and stare.

It’s not clear exactly what prompted the cat to frantically run back and forth across 42nd street in Manhattan last Saturday night, but the frightened feline was chased out of one building after another as he tried to take shelter in a restaurant, coffee shop and movie theater. Then enters our hero, 22-year-old Coney Island native Jeremy Zelkowitz. With concerns that the cat would be struck by a car at any moment, Jeremy abandoned his post luring tourists into the horror-themed attraction Times Scare and gave chase while onlookers wondered if he was planning to rescue the cat or devour it.

“He was not very difficult to get a hold of, ” explained Jeremy who has grown accustomed to strange looks he gets when he’s in costume off-location. ”It took a little time, but I got him.”

Jeremy tried to calm the cat in his arms and the feline seemed undisturbed by the ghastly appearance of his new friend.

“After holding him there for about 20 minutes, he did try and jump out of my hands a few times,” Jeremy recalls. “He was scared so I asked someone to hail me a cab and I took him to a 24 hour animal clinic. When I brought him in they said they didn’t take strays, but I told them I didn’t want him to go to anywhere where they were going to put him to sleep after a certain period of time. I convinced them to take him for me and luckily they were able to scan him for a chip and were able to track down the owner.”

He’d Been Missing for Two Years

It turns out that the cat belongs to New York police officer Jimmy Helliesen, who hadn’t seen his cat Disaster in two full years. Disaster is just one of many stray cats that Officer Helliesen has adopted in his patrol area.

“He couldn’t believe it and thought we were playing a practical joke on him,”  BluePearl Veterinary Partners Administrator Steve Baker said of that phone call to Officer Helliesen (in an interview with the Daily News).

Our hero Jeremy Zelkowitz

Officer Helliesen said that he believes Disaster clawed through the screen of his Long Island home two years ago. That began the feline’s journey with hundreds of days unaccounted for. It’s not clear whether someone took Disaster in for a while and he escaped again or if he had been stray all that time, but in either case, it seems that Disaster may have somehow made it through the Midtown Tunnel.

And as for Jeremy, well, he’s back on zombie duty, but don’t let the stage makeup fool you. This ghoul is all heart.

“I just love animals,” he says. “They are such innocent, loyal and loving creatures.”
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Tropiformer Survival Jacket: Survive in style, be prepared!

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SCOTTEVEST (, creators of the TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing® line, announced their first exclusive product for ThinkGeek: the Tropiformer Jacket. SCOTTEVEST and ThinkGeek are hands down two of the most innovative and exciting companies in the fun side of the tech industry. While SeV products have been sold through ThinkGeek’s online store for years, this is the first joint product launch between the two companies. The Tropiformer Jacketis ideal for tech-oriented travelers, and is available in five great colors (Red, Blue, Green, Pewter and Cement) exclusively through and beginning on April 9, 2013. A video detailing its features is available HERE.The Tropiformer is not some paltry new windbreaker… windbreakers don’t get press releases or have their likeness memorialized in Carbonite. This jacket is the manifestation – the avatar, if you will – of several epic mash-ups:

  • Technology and clothing are merged.
  • TROPIcal weight fabric and magnetically-attached TransFORMER Sleeves combine to create the TROPIFORMER Jacket.
  • SCOTTEVEST and ThinkGeek unite on their first product launch collaboration!
Tropiformer Jacket at Thinkgeek
The Tropiformer Jacket
 has all the unique travel-friendly features people have come to love and expect from SCOTTEVEST, with all the geeky goodness to make the product worthy of ThinkGeek’s spotlight:
  • Transformer Sleeves – the jacket’s sleeves are removable and are held in place by tech friendly magnets to make it incredibly easy to transform your jacket into a vest and back again. Perfect for changing weather and that seat right under the A/C vent.
  • iPad Pocket – less cuddly than pulling a rabbit from a hat, but far more practical: the PadPocket™ is one step away from magical.
  • Quick Draw pocket – clear touch material lets you not only see, hear and operate a touchscreen phone through the clear pocket, but you don’t even need to take your hand out of your pocket to do it.
  • Locking pocket – slightly paranoid: a one-way, locking zipper pull keeps protects an internal pocket-within-a-pocket making your wallet, passport and valuables extra safe from pickpockets.
  • Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for headphone wire and power management – it not only works to route headphones, but also works for power management. Put a 
    iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger
     in one pocket and charge devices in your other pockets; freedom is constantly topping off.
  • Packable – the entire jacket can easily be packed into itself, making it perfect for travel.
  • The Difference is Inside™ – a ton of hidden pockets to carry all your tech gadgets without any bulges, and with everything balanced thanks to the integrated Weight Management System.
Tropiformer Jacket was designed and destined to be the ultimate undercover geek travel jacket, so the wearer could pass as a muggle at first glance, but under the surface have a carry-on worth of storage in their pockets. Meticulous attention has been given to the selection of luxurious, high tech fabric and a subtle mesh back that is super lightweight, extremely comfortable, and breathable. The jacket feels like a water resistant “second skin” (since gadgets don’t like water) and you’ll never mind wearing it in a variety of temperatures, hot or cold. TEC has also designed its own proprietary, high quality zipper pulls, and indicates the intended use for each pocket with a tiny icon, with an attached eyeglass chamois depicting a “pocket map” with the location of all the pockets. Yes, there are that many pockets, Long John Silver!
“I truly love this jacket, and this is hands down our best product yet,” said Scott Jordan, TEC by SCOTTEVEST Founder and CEO. “We took many of the coolest features of our Transformer jacket, and combined them with our Fleece 7.0 – both of which garnered a great deal of attention last year.”
“This is one of those things that fits ThinkGeek’s audience exceptionally well,” states ThinkGeek Mouthpiece Steve Zimmermann. “Working with TEC to come up with something that covers every kind of gadget has been incredible and we’re proud to be an exclusive retailer of the new Tropiformer.”
The Tropiformer Jacket is available April 9th, 2013 exclusively on and It is sold in five distinctive colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pewter and Cement.