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A day at Wizard World Comic Con Raleigh

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We were a little ways south in Savannah, Georgia when we heard about the Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh. Neither of us had been to one, despite living in Portland, Oregon for years, and on the road ,we always manage to miss them or be on the opposite side of the country. I’d been to an Anime Con before, with the featured band’s entourage, and I hoped for something a little bigger, better, and less filled with teens. I was not disappointed.


Milla Jovovich Live Streaming for Resident Evil Trailer Release!

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Resident Evil: Retribution - Milla Jovovich

On Thursday, June 14th Milla Jovovich, star of RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, will be participating in a live global streaming webchat leading up to the launch of the film’s trailer on Thursday, June 14th at 11:00am EST at the Regal Union Square Cinemas in New York.’s Jordan Hoffman will be moderating.

Fans will be able to attend the event by logging on to the Resident Evil Facebook Page and printing out an invitation; admittance will be granted on a first come first serve basis. Fans at home can log on to the Facebook page to watch the Q&A live; the event is being translated into ten languages worldwide.

The Resident Evil films have been great for the spread and popularity of both the zombie films and video game films, some of which are not so great – Milla really makes the films for me, with her strange and beautiful eyes, no nonsense acting – something not seen enough in female actresses I think.

I had a CD of hers when I was in high school (she used to sing) then saw her in Dazed and Confused and was hooked. Even with her tiny little part in that film I always pointed her out to people who I watched it with and told them about her music. When she was later cast in The Fifth Element – it was official, she became my favorite female actress and the Resident Evil films sealed the deal – I would never see another female actress in an action roll as sufficiently gorgeous, funny, talented and smart as Milla.

Watch here for the live stream Thursday, June 14th at 8:00a PST/ 11:00am EST


Breaking News: LEGO to make Shaun of The Dead Winchester Pub Set?

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Maybe!! The set in a voting area, waiting for possible approval by LEGO as one of their up and coming set designs. Lego says the set is on the edge of their anti-violence standards – which I appreciate, but this set could easily be a collectible for adult fans, like me, and kids who aren’t freaked out by zombies.

LEGO says:

“Since Shaun of the Dead is a comedy, and you present your work in a humorous fashion, we believe this is within the realm of the LEGO company brand standards on violence. Note that the zombie theme does put this project at the edge of what we produce, however we recognize that the LEGO Group produces other products where themese of violence and death play a significant role.”

The project is fully supported by Simon Pegg and even mentioned it on Conan O’Brien, no doubt attracting a ton of votes.
If you check out this clip, they talk about it about 3:36 mins in (The entire interview is funny).

Shawn of the Dead Winchester Pub

Lego adds:

“Please understand that this initial green light does not have an effect on the LEGO Review that will take place if the project reaches 10,000 supporters. The nature of the work would require some significant internal discussion before we make the decision to produce such a set.”

We won’t know till we try! Just a couple thousand more votes and it will be up for voting!

Vote now:

Supporters of the project also get a free copy of Z Magazine! The Ultimate Zombie Rag! Once you vote, go here – and learn more about the whole project and its creators here:



Welcome to Zombie Freakfest!

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Briiiaaaaan the ZombieZombie Freakfest is a major work in progress but I hope to find lots of time to take advantage of the endless stream of Zombie cultural information available on the internet.

Some of the things Zombie Freakfest will feature:

  • Honoring famous Zombie Actors from all our favorite Zombie movies.
  •  Zombie Walk information and schedules from around the world.
  • Zombie recipes, or something like them.
  • Zombie crafters, t-shirt, toy and art makers and their wares.
  • Fun Zombie things to do, places to eat and  places to see.
  • Tales of Zombie uprising preparedness, scenarios, comics and other short stories.
  • Zombie LOLs, because Zombies can LOL with the best of them.

We are looking for contributors as you can imagine so email with any stories, info, events or Zombie products/crafts/art you make. We love it!