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A day at Wizard World Comic Con Raleigh

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We were a little ways south in Savannah, Georgia when we heard about the Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh. Neither of us had been to one, despite living in Portland, Oregon for years, and on the road ,we always manage to miss them or be on the opposite side of the country. I’d been to an Anime Con before, with the featured band’s entourage, and I hoped for something a little bigger, better, and less filled with teens. I was not disappointed.


The Walking Dead In My Pocket? Yes Please!

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The Walking Dead Debit CardI don’t have any The Walking Dead tees for some reason and sometimes I just don’t want to have a conversation with a stranger based on the fact that they saw my t-shirt anyway. However, I found a more discrete way to show my fandom in a way that will earn me points with my local haunts and the conversation will last only as long as I’m in line paying for a beer, comic book, movie ticket or whatever else I might be paying for – the The Walking Dead Debit Card!

My first experience using the card involved a pitcher of beer at a local bar. We had been wanting to make friends with the bar tender, (always a good plan) when I came in with my new Walking Dead card. The creepy little thing blew her mind. She was immediately excited and talked about the show with us for a short time, til the next customer came along and we were then free to find a table and drink our beer. The next time we came in she made my rum and coke extra strong and chatted us up some more about the show and card. There’s not many things I have interest in that will ever end up discretely in a stranger’s hand, unless I want to start randomly handing people comic books or blu-rays. A custom card is a pretty great way to express yourself to people without looking too desperate for like minded people. has several Walking Dead designs as well as card for any other interest at all, including Star Trek! My other nerdy passion… Definitely check out what they have to offer, you can transfer money to it any time and it’s totally worth it!




Apocalypse Dunny Series Just Out and Already Extinct!

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There are many interpretations of “The Apocalypse” . You know my preferred scenario, but the artists collaborating for Kidrobot’s newest Dunny gang, the Apocalypse Dunny Series, are representing every known scenario in a cute little dunny form.

If you don’t know much about Dunny‘s*, they’re a collectible plastic figurine, designed by a myriad of artists for Kidrobot. Street artists, illustrators and fine artists alike get in on making this single plastic bunny shaped form, their own. I collect them (when I can get them) and so do millions of others. *of course, “dunny” means toilet in Australia, but that is not the case here.

The Apocalypse Dunny Series has come out just in time for everyone’s little freak-out session, due to happen this December.

Perfect timing!

Sold out at my (usually) preferred retailer, but find them, overpriced and price gouged, on Ebay by vultures who wait for release day, then buy them all up and sell them at 3-4 times their retail price. Go Capitalism!

Apocalypse Dunny - zombie!

Apocalypse Dunny - Mayan

Apocalypse Dunny Aliens

Apocalypse Dunny Monsters

Apocalypse Dunny Warrior and Fearful

Apocalypse Dunny Rapture

I used to collect Dunny’s a few years ago and still have about 50, but I found this pretty disturbing – The moment they came out on sale today from an approved distributor, they were sold out before I could click on the email link and already they are on sale on Ebay for up to 4 times what they cost in the blind box, for a blind box of 16, over 222$ – this is not only unfair to the public and everyday collector but its unethical. I know that’s life and shit but really? Maybe if the retail stores or Kidrobot wouldn’t make it into a big “release day” things and work people up so much, Dunny collecting would not have become such a black market joke.


Zombie Portraits by Rob Sacchetto: Pets, Couples, You! ALL UNDEAD!

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Zombie Portraits by Rob Sacchetto are a slice and hack above much of his competition. His work speaks for itself, or rather moans for itself and each commissioned piece is a frameable, inheritable work of art in a great price range. He spends an average of 6 hours on each piece, taking time to give them all the reality of zombie life, without having to experience it yourself. Even your pets can get in on the horror with a immortalized portrait.

Since I’m excited about the new Hitchcock movies, I had to feature this one first.

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

Cape Fear

Rob is also working on a new comic book, hoping for funding from to help him reach his goal. The awesome premise, called Cape Fear features a “god-like anti-hero, a psychotic sister bent on domination and a marauding Zombie Werewolf!”. If you can help a comic book lover and amazing artist out, consider contributing to his campaign! For just $10 you can get a digital copy copy of the book or an ad in the book itself, for $15, you can get both! $25 gets a hard copy of the book, and the list just gets better the more you invest!

Donate to his campaign here:

Visit his website:

Follow Rob and his Zombies on Facebook:

Rob Sacchetto is the ORIGINAL zombie portrait artist. He has illustrated and hand painted thousands of custom zombie portraits. He posts an original piece of zombie art every day, and has done so for over 1000 days. He has been commissioned to create portraits for Tom Savini, George Romero, Max Brooks and has published two illustrated books on the subject of Zombies. Zombie Portraits was the FIRST service of its kind and Rob Sacchetto creates the very BEST ZOMBIE PORTRAITS you can get!


Free Zombie Goodies in Time for Halloween Decorating!

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I had to share these awesome Zombie freebies, developed by the author of Rise Again and friends, Rise Again is a terrifying chiller by Ben Tripp that I hope to get a copy of soon (and review).
As these were developed mostly for their own amusement, but also to enhance your zombie fan lifestyle, make sure to give them some love on their facebook page and check out his book! . They’re downloadable, printable, hackable. Some of them are even useful. Feel free to share, remix, and distribute.

Please link back to this or his page so folks know where to find the goodies. And thank you for your interest in zombie-related crafts!

Get all Downloads HERE:


Holiday-Christmas Cards

Holiday Cards

These tasteful and attractive greeting cards are sure to please grandmothers and church groups everywhere. Print on letter-sized paper, then fold in half horizontally and vertically so that back, front, and interior motto are in the approriate positions.


Holiday Gift Tags

Holiday Gift Tags

These beautiful gift tags will enliven even the most perfunctory point-of-purchase gift, regifted item, or bargain store fruitcake. And not only that, they’re collectible. All you have to do is collect them, and there you go.


Zombie Santa Ornament

Zombie Santa Ornament/Gift Tag

This simple ornament will provide you and your family with hours of nourishing, home-style fun. Print six thousand of them and make garlands! Get one tattooed on your forehead!


Choose an Alternate Rise Again Book Cover

Alternate Book Covers

Many readers are embarrassed to be seen with a book featuring lurid zombie illustrations on the cover, including the author.

For this reason we offer these attractive, collectible dust jackets, which will also ensure your copy of Rise Again remains bookstore-fresh even after thirty readings. A variety of styles are included to suit readers of every taste (not all readers taste the same).


Zombie Half Mask

Zombie “Half-Mask”

Want to put your toe in the undead pool without getting too wet? Try this Zombie Half-Mask and see if the look works for you.

Print on stiff paper and wear like an eye patch. If people laugh at you, tear off their heads. Because when you have this on, you are a real zombie.


Zombie Eyeglasses

Zombie Eyglasses

Perhaps Jonathan Franzen would find these more appealing and easier to keep away from thieves than his “heavy, brown, horn-rimmish sort of things.” Then again, perhaps not.


Zomb Stickers, Mock Wounds

Zombie Wound Sticker Assortment

Fresh Wounds! Peel and stick mutilations just in time for Halloween.


Zomb-Aid Bandages

ZOMB-AID Bandages

This is a stealth item, suitable for placement in a bathroom or drugstore. Most people will not notice there is anything unusual about the box. Those who do will immediately become concerned. You can use it to hold real self-adhesive bandages or anything you desire: wax lips, ammunition, or dried figs.




Print on heavy paper. Paste onto colored paper or similar decorative material for backing. Cut through both layers along outside of heavy black border.

Insert in book (do not insert elsewhere).


iPhone Wallpaper

iPhone Wallpapers

These wallpapers, suitable for iPhone, iPod, and compatible devices, are conversation pieces, sure — but they’re also reminders that soon all you hold dear will be destroyed in the zombie apocalypse. In that regard, almost as useful as the phone itself.

Rise Again!

Ben Tripp's Rise Again: a zombie novel


Zombie Freakfest’s Zombie Tales Etsy Store

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The new Zombie Freakfest Zombie Tales Etsy store is a strange concept I came up with but one I think I’ll enjoy on many levels. Each photo in the shop will come with a portion of a much larger tale. It’s a diary of sorts of one girl’s survival in a post zombie world. She’s escaped death, only barely, and there’s many questions about how she’s made it so far. As I add photos to the store, the tale will go deeper, and physically, the character will go father south. Where it will go exactly, even I don’t know for sure as each photo will inspire me to write the next journal entry to match the tale told by each photo.

The photos are my own travel and art photos taken over the last few years all over the U.S., Mexico and Argentina, and will include such categories as “Nightmares”, “Hideouts”, “Zurvivors” (people she meets and their story), but the whole story can be started from the first photo on the homepage down. When I sell a photo, I will immediately re-list it to keep the story complete.

Eventually, if everything goes well, I will self publish the tale with photos and sell it on the site.

Each photo in the shop is available as an 8×10 print and larger sizes on request. I will include a typewritten piece of scrap paper for you to insert in a frame behind the photo. I am using a typewriter and scrap paper because that is what the character is using on the road. She hand developed the photos whenever she can find a stream or running water and dark night.

Check it out and stay tuned for more photo stories coming soon!

Visit the store:

Zombie Freakfest Store


Zombie Art: Peeps in Film – The Walking Dead

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Not many things creepier than something cute and deadly – and seeing a poor little peep torn limb from limb is a tragedy in itself but these dioramas turn a tragedy into a “peepomatic masterpiece”.

The gruesome AMC show The Walking Dead makes a great diorama with the help of raspberry jelly and red licorice. This scene by Loren Sciurba of Alexandria shows Shane escaping a hoard by shooting Otis and leaving him to distract the zombies.

Peeps & The Walking Dead Film Scene

Peeps & The Walking Dead Film Scene
Read the full text and see more scenes here:
–brought to you by mental_floss!


Zombie Art: The Paintings of Bill Killen

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I found these phenomenal paintings while perusing through the mass that is Etsy, and was immediately blown away. I’ve never seen a serious and classically trained painter take on Zombies, and no one does more justice to the hunger in their eyes and sores on their flesh than Bill Killen.
Being mostly influenced by classical renaissance and 17th century Flemish painters, he never thought to do Zombies until he got a request from a friend, after that, the virus spread and Bill Killen was painting Zombies until he created a Horde.
His Etsy shop, The Zombie Horde, is full of prints and original paintings of the beautiful, terrifying, precious and nightmarish, all perfect for any Zombie lover’s house. The prices on prints and originals are all very very reasonable, and he even does special requests.

If you’ve ever wanted to see The Walking Dead Zombies just a little bit longer, get to know them, maybe tease them through a fence for a while and study their actions, the paintings of Bill Killen are for you.