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Open Source Zombie: Zombies for the people, by the people

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Open Source Zombie: is a zombie film project to be designed online, and completed AFK. Made by zombie fans for zombie fans!

Check out the kickstarter project here:

Their first goal  has been reached! Any additional donations will go towards film production and other necessities to make the project awesome. Check it out:

The film will have two ways on how people can participate, they can film “plugins” or their own short stories that take part in the same apocalyptic world. There are only very few restrictions and even material made with mobile phones if it is good can be added to the actual film. Video/film makers all around the world can fill into the main plot by making their own side stories, and filming it THEMSELVES. It is like Iron Sky vs. Youtube’s Life in a Day, except a f%^$£ up realistic scenario of a Malthusian catastrophe in which humans form complex groups to fight each other and zombies. This would be 50% of material.

Then another part the main plot is developed online in a collaboration by talented core people. This is where some writing talent is needed and real interest, but if you are up to it please step forth! This part is going to be filmed with rigor, and professionally with a good cinema camera. However as only about 40 minutes of material need to be shot this will bring down costs quite considerably, and effort can be put into making this very intense! Now again the zombies, actors, crew are all going to be part of the open source community!

We are going to create a “democratic” system in a similar manner to real life on our website. A voting system will be done so that important factors about the nature of zombies and their consciousness can be decided. There will be a main script, which can be influenced by taking part, but also on top of that There will be no black and white in this film, but 365 shades of grey. Morality, survivalism, altruism are factors that this film deals with. Iron Sky is very much an inspiration, but only in how they made the film.

We have thought about a few guidelines for zombies, which make them more based on science but moreover easier for people to concentrate on the important factors. Parasitic worms are the cause? Yes, this is a point that makes acting especially for amateurs easier. First the zombies are live creatures, and die easier making it easier to create realistic killings, but sure the easiest way is always to kill the brain as the worms secrete a powerful painkiller making the zombies numb to pain. The zombies if not very hungry would not eat other humans but drool maggot infested saliva on top of the victims, however the zombies might be starving thus need to eat what ever they can get their hands on. Now making realistic eating scenes is quite hard, and this is the reason why eating is a good option for only those that are into making outstanding VFX.

If you are not convinced about parasites then you should know that World Health Organization estimates that around 10% of humanity live with parasitic worms (600-700 million people suffer at this moment, some of these are extremely painful infestations) and also watch this national geographic video on how parasitic worms change snails into zombies

open source flow chart


Facebook page:


Free Zombie Goodies in Time for Halloween Decorating!

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I had to share these awesome Zombie freebies, developed by the author of Rise Again and friends, Rise Again is a terrifying chiller by Ben Tripp that I hope to get a copy of soon (and review).
As these were developed mostly for their own amusement, but also to enhance your zombie fan lifestyle, make sure to give them some love on their facebook page and check out his book! . They’re downloadable, printable, hackable. Some of them are even useful. Feel free to share, remix, and distribute.

Please link back to this or his page so folks know where to find the goodies. And thank you for your interest in zombie-related crafts!

Get all Downloads HERE:


Holiday-Christmas Cards

Holiday Cards

These tasteful and attractive greeting cards are sure to please grandmothers and church groups everywhere. Print on letter-sized paper, then fold in half horizontally and vertically so that back, front, and interior motto are in the approriate positions.


Holiday Gift Tags

Holiday Gift Tags

These beautiful gift tags will enliven even the most perfunctory point-of-purchase gift, regifted item, or bargain store fruitcake. And not only that, they’re collectible. All you have to do is collect them, and there you go.


Zombie Santa Ornament

Zombie Santa Ornament/Gift Tag

This simple ornament will provide you and your family with hours of nourishing, home-style fun. Print six thousand of them and make garlands! Get one tattooed on your forehead!


Choose an Alternate Rise Again Book Cover

Alternate Book Covers

Many readers are embarrassed to be seen with a book featuring lurid zombie illustrations on the cover, including the author.

For this reason we offer these attractive, collectible dust jackets, which will also ensure your copy of Rise Again remains bookstore-fresh even after thirty readings. A variety of styles are included to suit readers of every taste (not all readers taste the same).


Zombie Half Mask

Zombie “Half-Mask”

Want to put your toe in the undead pool without getting too wet? Try this Zombie Half-Mask and see if the look works for you.

Print on stiff paper and wear like an eye patch. If people laugh at you, tear off their heads. Because when you have this on, you are a real zombie.


Zombie Eyeglasses

Zombie Eyglasses

Perhaps Jonathan Franzen would find these more appealing and easier to keep away from thieves than his “heavy, brown, horn-rimmish sort of things.” Then again, perhaps not.


Zomb Stickers, Mock Wounds

Zombie Wound Sticker Assortment

Fresh Wounds! Peel and stick mutilations just in time for Halloween.


Zomb-Aid Bandages

ZOMB-AID Bandages

This is a stealth item, suitable for placement in a bathroom or drugstore. Most people will not notice there is anything unusual about the box. Those who do will immediately become concerned. You can use it to hold real self-adhesive bandages or anything you desire: wax lips, ammunition, or dried figs.




Print on heavy paper. Paste onto colored paper or similar decorative material for backing. Cut through both layers along outside of heavy black border.

Insert in book (do not insert elsewhere).


iPhone Wallpaper

iPhone Wallpapers

These wallpapers, suitable for iPhone, iPod, and compatible devices, are conversation pieces, sure — but they’re also reminders that soon all you hold dear will be destroyed in the zombie apocalypse. In that regard, almost as useful as the phone itself.

Rise Again!

Ben Tripp's Rise Again: a zombie novel


Living Dead Plush Dolls – Horribly Cute

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As living dead, you are not exactly a “zombie”, but the definition can be warped, as it is in films and books so often, so although something does not want to eat your brain “per se”, it is still at least cousin to what most of us traditionally think of as “zombie”.

I used to get my younger sisters living dead dolls for Christmas till they had a pretty good collection. I always liked them myself but not enough to buy them. But I recently found out that they make Plush living dead dolls now, and that’s just cuter to me. I’ve never liked dolls, undead or otherwise, they creep me the hell out – so I think I may start collecting the plush ones (if I ever find the space that is).

They’re also a little more appropriate of a gift for a younger kid than the regular Living Dead Dolls I think, oh well, the damage has been done haha.

Living Dead Dolls Plush Series 1 Set

Living Dead Dolls Plush Series 2 Set


Zombie Craft: Happy Zombie Sock Monkey Party!

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I never had a sock monkey when I was a kid but they seem pretty great. I’ve always been on the look out for one that doesn’t remind me of Paul Frank and I think these ones, by OutlawHeartCreations are just the ones I was looking for.

This sock monkey is a far stretch from it origins, and it may or may not be because it’s undead but that is certainly why it is much cooler than boring old sock monkey’s.

Made from a variety of socks and felt, these little guys look forward to terrifying you and your children with their mischievous, brain eating grin.

zombie sock monkey

Check out the whole collection at: Outlaw Heart Creations


Presidents’ Day Love: Obama vs. Zombies!

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No, it’s not a movie, it’s something you can take with you everywhere.

Since it’s Presidents’ Day, and I personally like our president (for the first time in a very long time) I wanted to share the Zombie love in a presidential way!

I’m excited to say that this Tee is awesome in more ways than one.  With the up coming releases of Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies & Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – why not Obama vs Zombies?  Well, keep the dream alive with this awesome portrayal of Barack “The Fist” Obama fighting a rather nasty looking, able bodied Zombie!

Made by Tina Sea Monster of Etsy, this and other Zombie gems can be found in her shop:

Obama vs Zombies by Tina Sea Monster

For those of you on the “funny” side of the Zombie scenario, why not a good laugh: This vinyl record airbrush painting would make a great clock in my opinion (just head down to Home Depot ,- I know you Zurvivors have an account there) – and is only $25.  Check it out at: AceTroy‘s store

Obama laughing at zombies