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The Walking Dead Fan Guide to Zombie Beauty

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deadsexyNew York, NY – October 15, 2013 – Riverdale Avenue Books has launched “Dead Sexy: The Walking Dead Fan Guide to Zombie Style, Beauty, Parties, and a Ghoul-Lurching UNLifestyle,” the second pop culture book by author Paula Conway to feature exclusive limited-time offers for readers.   “Dead Sexy” features a section on travel with recommendations on where the dead (and their friends) go to unwind.  The exclusive travel discounts for readers are from some of the most haunted hotels in America.

The book, “DEAD SEXY” assumes we are living in a present zombie apocalypse, and that many people around us are in fact, zombies.   The UNlifestyle guide includes: a section on zombie etiquette from celebrity etiquette expert, Dawn Bryan; zombie dating guidelines; dead sexy travel destinations; and more than 70 exclusive dead sexy deals with deep discounts on fashion, food, beauty, travel, and more.

“Zombies don’t make the same travel choices as the rest of us,” said author Paula Conway.  “They look for destinations that are quiet, relatively underpopulated or great places to enjoy a thoughtful haunting.  Cities like New Orleans that are rich in voodoo and zombie culture, also with a lot of great haunted graveyards, this is where zombies want to unwind.  And since they make decisions slowly, offering a discount or perk tends to get them to book a bit faster.”

The exclusive “Dead Sexy” travel deals include:

·         Two frightfully fabulous offers from the legendary luxury liner, The Queen Mary: The Dead Sexy Dark Harbor Stay and Scare Hotel Package ($229); the one-night stay includes tickets for two Dark Harbor admission tickets, plus two fast fright front of line passes; and the Dead Sexy Dining with the Spirits Hotel Package ($237); the three-course dinner for two at Sir Winston’s includes a paranormal investigation with a trained guide exploring the Queen Mary’s haunted hot spots, plus one night aboard The Queen Mary.  Known as “The Grey Ghost” during WWII, when The Queen Mary served as a transport ship, hauntings aboard the QM are numerous.  Among them, the cook who was cooked because the troops didn’t like his meal, and the little girl who broke her neck on the pool deck sliding down a bannister.

·         20% off overnight accommodations at The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri, where the hauntings included the spirit of a little boy named Zeke.

·         25% off any room booked at a standard rate at The Victoria Inn in Anniston, Alabama.  Among the hauntings in The Victoria Inn, footsteps are heard at night from spots where no one is found, and music from the piano room when it is empty.

·         Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa in Pray, Montana will provide ghoulish treats in “Dead Sexy” guest rooms upon arrival.  Legend has it that the ghost of Percie Knowles, who built the original structure with her husband in 1900 and died on the property, appears from time to time wearing a white dress.

·         Take 15% off food service at the Story Inn, Nashville, IN, where “the blue lady” walks at night and has been spotted by literally hundreds of guests.

·         Dead Sexy guests of The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona take 15% off rooms up to king-size.  There are apparently more than 16 recorded entities, including Billy, the boy who steals coins and Julia, who slinks under the blanket in room 315.

All deals, discounts and offers require a unique code, varied and set by the merchandiser, which can only be obtained by purchasing the book. Many also have embedded links, only accessible through the book.

For more information, contact Alyssa Tognetti at Astonish Media Group (347) 878-5977.

Buy the ebook for $9.99 at  Amazon and


Zombabiez Everywhere! – A Baby Costume to Un-die For!

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A genuinely terrifying and awesome idea from the mind of a costuming genius was brought to our attention recently. Our experience and knowledge of Zombie Children being vast, we thought it only appropriate to encourage others to support this Kickstarter for ZOMBABIEZ baby zombie costume!

Zombabiez baby zombie costume

A great family costume idea or entire party theme could crop up from this gem. Imagine a horde of zombie babies crawling towards you, their parents close behind! A time of year and costume where being bit by a baby is finally normal!

One of the most frightening characters to me is the zombie baby in Dead Alive by Peter Jackson so I hold a special place for this costume. Although I have no kids, it will likely be my first gift for the next one born to someone I know.

Bring it on zombabiez! I can handle it!!


It was November, 2011. [Zombabiez creator] was someone’s date to a wedding and awkwardly sitting on the back porch making conversation with strangers. From behind me, a baby crawled out onto the porch and the guy chatting with me gave a start, cutting out mid-sentence. He then exclaimed, “PHEW, I thought it was a torso-only zombie.” It was gold, and that night, the idea for Zombabiez, the torso-only zombie baby Halloween costume, was born.

Zombabiez baby zombie costume



The Zombabiez costume only comes in one size and should fit most 0-9 month olds. It measures 23″ from neck to bottom, and will fit waists up to 26″. It is worn through an opening in the back that has two small velcro closures. Everything is made with child safe materials and smaller parts are tacked down to avoid choking hazards

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Tropiformer Survival Jacket: Survive in style, be prepared!

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SCOTTEVEST (, creators of the TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing® line, announced their first exclusive product for ThinkGeek: the Tropiformer Jacket. SCOTTEVEST and ThinkGeek are hands down two of the most innovative and exciting companies in the fun side of the tech industry. While SeV products have been sold through ThinkGeek’s online store for years, this is the first joint product launch between the two companies. The Tropiformer Jacketis ideal for tech-oriented travelers, and is available in five great colors (Red, Blue, Green, Pewter and Cement) exclusively through and beginning on April 9, 2013. A video detailing its features is available HERE.The Tropiformer is not some paltry new windbreaker… windbreakers don’t get press releases or have their likeness memorialized in Carbonite. This jacket is the manifestation – the avatar, if you will – of several epic mash-ups:

  • Technology and clothing are merged.
  • TROPIcal weight fabric and magnetically-attached TransFORMER Sleeves combine to create the TROPIFORMER Jacket.
  • SCOTTEVEST and ThinkGeek unite on their first product launch collaboration!
Tropiformer Jacket at Thinkgeek
The Tropiformer Jacket
 has all the unique travel-friendly features people have come to love and expect from SCOTTEVEST, with all the geeky goodness to make the product worthy of ThinkGeek’s spotlight:
  • Transformer Sleeves – the jacket’s sleeves are removable and are held in place by tech friendly magnets to make it incredibly easy to transform your jacket into a vest and back again. Perfect for changing weather and that seat right under the A/C vent.
  • iPad Pocket – less cuddly than pulling a rabbit from a hat, but far more practical: the PadPocket™ is one step away from magical.
  • Quick Draw pocket – clear touch material lets you not only see, hear and operate a touchscreen phone through the clear pocket, but you don’t even need to take your hand out of your pocket to do it.
  • Locking pocket – slightly paranoid: a one-way, locking zipper pull keeps protects an internal pocket-within-a-pocket making your wallet, passport and valuables extra safe from pickpockets.
  • Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for headphone wire and power management – it not only works to route headphones, but also works for power management. Put a 
    iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger
     in one pocket and charge devices in your other pockets; freedom is constantly topping off.
  • Packable – the entire jacket can easily be packed into itself, making it perfect for travel.
  • The Difference is Inside™ – a ton of hidden pockets to carry all your tech gadgets without any bulges, and with everything balanced thanks to the integrated Weight Management System.
Tropiformer Jacket was designed and destined to be the ultimate undercover geek travel jacket, so the wearer could pass as a muggle at first glance, but under the surface have a carry-on worth of storage in their pockets. Meticulous attention has been given to the selection of luxurious, high tech fabric and a subtle mesh back that is super lightweight, extremely comfortable, and breathable. The jacket feels like a water resistant “second skin” (since gadgets don’t like water) and you’ll never mind wearing it in a variety of temperatures, hot or cold. TEC has also designed its own proprietary, high quality zipper pulls, and indicates the intended use for each pocket with a tiny icon, with an attached eyeglass chamois depicting a “pocket map” with the location of all the pockets. Yes, there are that many pockets, Long John Silver!
“I truly love this jacket, and this is hands down our best product yet,” said Scott Jordan, TEC by SCOTTEVEST Founder and CEO. “We took many of the coolest features of our Transformer jacket, and combined them with our Fleece 7.0 – both of which garnered a great deal of attention last year.”
“This is one of those things that fits ThinkGeek’s audience exceptionally well,” states ThinkGeek Mouthpiece Steve Zimmermann. “Working with TEC to come up with something that covers every kind of gadget has been incredible and we’re proud to be an exclusive retailer of the new Tropiformer.”
The Tropiformer Jacket is available April 9th, 2013 exclusively on and It is sold in five distinctive colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pewter and Cement.

Zombie Fashion: Post Halloween Withdrawl Style

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Zombie Time - Adventure Time Tee

Zombie Time – Adventure Time Tee

Not only do they have to survive in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, but now they have to deal with the walking dead? Things just don’t seem fair. But never fear! Even though this tee will keep them in their Zombie state permanently, we all know that Science cures all. Rejoice!

Find it at Zombie Time – Adventure Time Tee

We've Got Some Work To Do Now Tee

Scooby Do0 – We’ve Got Some Work To Do Now

I was never a big fan of Scooby Doo. In fact for a very long time I wouldn’t watch 2 seconds of it while flipping through channels. Had the show been about killing Zombies and Velma was the main character rather than a bro, a blonde and a pot head and his stupid dog, I would have watched it a lot more. This shirt is exactly how Scooby Doo would have been perfect to me.

Find it at We’ve Got Some Work To Do Now Tee

We used to be a family

A Family Once – Zombie Family Hoodie

As you’ve probably seen a few times on this site, even though we want to survive the zombie apocalypse, we try and keep a positive outlook on the chance that we might not. It may be a pipe dream but I like to fantasize that as zombies, we’ll be able to go on with some kind of existence that won’t be entirely futile. I love this design for it’s hopefulness. We may die, our families may die, but does that make us any less a family? hmm…

Find it at A Family Once Hoodie

I want YOU DEAD! Political Zombie Tee

I want YOU, DEAD! Political Zombie Tee

This is a favorite of mine right now as well, especially because of the whole political mood right now. A classic poster of a call to action, turned undead and seeking to grow its army of undead. Kind of reminds me of politicians and their goals to gain our vote.

Find it at I want YOU, DEAD! Political Zombie Hoodie

Demonia Zombie 08 (Women's) - Black Turtle PUDemonia Zombie 08 (Women’s) – Black Turtle PUThese funky horror inspired pumps have a classic shape with a fun edge. This high heel has an elegant shape with a metal buckle on the front and a peep toe. The shoe might have a classy shape but it also boasts a funky, multicolored zombie themed screen print.

Demonia Zombie 03 (Women's) - Black PUDemonia Zombie 03 (Women’s) – Black PUThese funky horror inspired pumps have a classic shape with a fun edge. This classic high heel has an elegant shape, but a funky, multicolored zombie themed screen print.

Demonia Zombie 103 (Women's) - Black Patent
Demonia Zombie 103 (Women’s) – Black Patent
These funky horror inspired boots have a shape you don’t see everyday. This boot has a lace up mid calf shaft with an adjustable instep strap that give a cool peek-a-boo appearance. This peep toe heel has a funky backless slingback-like shape and an edgy zombie themed print giving this heel some major appeal.


Zombie Fashion: Zombie Hordes, Fighters, Lovers and Food

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Zombie Survivalist Tee

Zombie Survivalist Tee

In a comic book style, this” red riding blood” survivalist is a badass head chopping Ash’s dream come true (yeah the Ash from Evil Dead). This lady slashes zombie rednecks like she’s making Earl Grey Tea, effortlessly and looking good. You can look good too, if you only choose to survive.

Find it at Zombie Survivalist Tee

Zombie at Tiffany's

Zombie at Tiffany’s Tee

Anyone who likes old movies can appreciate a little parody here. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an undeserving classic but had it been a Zombie film? Instant history! Imagine Tiffany killing her horrible stereotype of a landlord or any of the shallow and terrible people she meets along her path to being a fake ass bitch. Zombie’s aren’t fake, they are exactly what they are and don’t have the capacity to pretend. Support Zombie Tiffany in her journey to find her true self!

Find it at Zombie at Tiffany’s Tee



Who else still loves Night of the Living Dead as one of their top 5 zombie movies of all time? This tee totally reminds me of that film and all its glorious tension and horror. Arms reaching, some girl screaming and everyone’s lives flashing before their eyes – Right out of your CHEST!?! Awesome.

Find it at ZOMBIES! Tee

Zombie Horde Tee

Zombie Horde Tee

George Romero made “the horde” a household fear. Imagine having to come up with a way to cross a mass of zombie bodies, chomping and scraping at your very smell, in order to survive. This and other horrors can be yours for the price of a cheap and artfully designed tee.

Find it at Zombie Horde Tee

Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 2, Vol. 1

Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 2, Vol. 1

“The dead have risen again…” says the man on the top left. His face covered in a distressful leaking shroud of false fearlessness. He is sworn to protect his wife, his friends, bot how can anyone really guarantee that safety? He will have to live with the guilt of anyone he fails to protect, even if it were an impossible task to begin with, and his guilt will waken himself and the group, dooming them all.

Find it at Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 2, Vol. 1

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Zombie Fashion: Tees to please the survivor in all of us

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I was sitting here thinking about what to wear this summer, something new that hasn’t been torn apart by zombie cats or hordes of hungry brain-dead, and I was prompted to seek out some great and affordable zombie fashion. Here is a collection of some of my favorites this week, ones I hope everyone can enjoy, wear and get bloody without regret!

Med Kit Zombie Survival Babydoll Tee

Left 4 Dead Zombie Survival Medkit Babydoll

You know, we can never find the first aid kit around the ThinkGeek offices when we need it. And when you think about it, that and a good fire extinguisher are pretty much the two requirements in an office where you fabricate flying R/C objects, solder assorted circuits, and evaluate various types of knives. Okay. First aid kit, fire extinguisher, and a lot of PowerSquids. But we digress. First aid. Hard to locate when you need it. If we each wore a medkit on our backs, we’d never have trouble finding bandaids and burn cream. Problem solved. Medkit printed in red and white on the back of a black, babydoll (fitted) t-shirt.

Available at thinkgeek: Left 4 Dead Zombie Survival Medkit Babydoll

Only you can prevent the zombie apocalypse

Only YOU can Prevent the Zombie Apocalypse Tee

We live in dangerous times. There are all sorts of dangers – biological, chemical, social. If one stupid human makes one stupid mistake, we could have the apocalypse on our hands in mere days. If you miss the signs, if you have your head in the sand, if you just can’t bring yourself to shoot Grandma when she’s clearly infected with the virus, then YOU have caused the modern day forest fire that is the zombie apocalypse. Be prepared, zombie watchers. The time will come and you will be responsible for saving or damning the world. Zombey the bear admonishes “Only you can prevent the zombie apocalypse” on a 100% cotton, cedar t-shirt

Available at thinkgeek: Only You Can Prevent the Zombie Apocalypse Tee

He's Undead Jim!!! Star Trek Zombie Tee

Hr’s Undead Jim! Star Trek Zombie Tee

There are a lot of ways to die if you’re a red shirt. You can be shot by a poisonous plant, step on an exploding rock, be struck by lightning, get whacked by a native with a big stick, choke on a dikironium cloud, or, our personal favorite, be beamed down to a planet that’s not actually there and get sucked into space, never to be seen again. But it’s an entirely different matter when Bones says, “He’s undead, Jim.” That’s way worse than dead, and the entire galaxy could be at risk!

Available at thinkgeek: He’s undead, Jim Tee

Zombie Protest Tee

Zombie Protest Tee – Zombies were people too

“Zombies Were People Too” on a sandwich-board-clad zombie in black, blood red, and rotting-flesh green on a military green, 100% cotton t-shirt.

Available at thinkgeek: Zombie Protest Tee

Zombie Identification Chart

Zombie Identification Chart Tee

In case of zombie apocalypse, the most important thing is to know what you’re working with. Identify your tools and figure out what type of undead you’re up against. You might be prepared to tear a zombie in half with a machine gun. Effective against a 28 Days Later zombie. Not so effective for a Romero zombie. Which conveniently brings us to the list: Crawler – These are often zombies torn in half by stupid people with machine guns who don’t get the “destroy the brain” concept, but these can also be zombies who had accessibility issues in life. They don’t move very fast, but if you forget to look down, you’ll regret it.

Available at thinkgeek: Zombie Chart Tee

*descriptions thanks to


Zombie Fashion: Sinstar Clothing

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Many of us wont be thinking about what we’re wearing during a disaster. Whether fighting Zombies, or trying to make “skin falling off face” look good, you do however know that what you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it can be the difference between Mila Jovovich and the large zombie woman in Dawn of the Dead or and Bruce Campbell and the “head redneck” in Redneck Zombies. Just admit it, you want to look like a badass either way.

Well, we have great news – Zombie Fashion. When you’re the 2nd to last person on earth, or trying to get into their house, you want to make the cut when that kid with the video camera comes around documenting the chaos. Our first recommendation is for some dead on casual wear. Sinstar Clothing has a dark edged blade pointed right at our soft spot for morbidly punk attire. Sinful symbolism slathered in strange and ancient iconography – in a wearable form.

Their new line, literally just out, features styles for men and women, many tees featuring a value system I can agree with – Trust, Destroy and the ever constant Love//Hate.


Sinstar Clothing


Mens Sinstar Clothing

Womens Sinstar Clothing


Check out some of their styles and give SIN(star) a chance: Sinstar Clothing

Unique, the United and the Untouchable Sin Star Clothing