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Johnny Depp Was Kind of on The Walking Dead Last Night

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walking dead johnny depp cameo

Well, his head was anyway. The noggin furthest to the right was actually molded to look like Depp. Here’s an explanation from the director of The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero: “I think we had sculpted an emaciated version of a dummy head for something and we used Johnny Depp’s head as a basis just for a clay sculpt.” But… why? Maybe Depp has secretly always wanted a cameo on the show! Congrats bud, you got it.

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Louisville Zombie Walk Owes the City Big!

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zombie walk louisville
Organizers of the annual Louisville Zombie Attack only have to pay the city for half of the cost associated with cleaning up a significant amount of garbage their event left along Bardstown Road this year.

The mess drew heavy criticism from Highlands residents and business owners, and Mayor Greg Fischer’s office, which warned Zombie Attack — where thousands dress up and wear makeup pretending to be the undead — that the city would have to reconsider the annual zombie walk if those problems are not addressed….


A day at Wizard World Comic Con Raleigh

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We were a little ways south in Savannah, Georgia when we heard about the Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh. Neither of us had been to one, despite living in Portland, Oregon for years, and on the road ,we always manage to miss them or be on the opposite side of the country. I’d been to an Anime Con before, with the featured band’s entourage, and I hoped for something a little bigger, better, and less filled with teens. I was not disappointed.


Super Zero: Zombie Apocalypse Short

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Super ZeroI only write about Kickstarter campaigns that I believe in and I had really high hopes for Super Zero when I wrote about it a few months ago. I choose it as a featured project mostly because I really connected with the premise and loved it’s originality – the fact that it was about zombies was a huge bonus….