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Johnny Depp Was Kind of on The Walking Dead Last Night

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walking dead johnny depp cameo

Well, his head was anyway. The noggin furthest to the right was actually molded to look like Depp. Here’s an explanation from the director of The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero: “I think we had sculpted an emaciated version of a dummy head for something and we used Johnny Depp’s head as a basis just for a clay sculpt.” But… why? Maybe Depp has secretly always wanted a cameo on the show! Congrats bud, you got it.

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New “The Walking Dead” Hyundai Santa Fe

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Just think: Hyundai used to be known for its warranties.
No this image isn’t from burning man, or a cartoon spin-off of The Walking Dead: it’s from Hyundai.


Underneath all those guns and blades is a sensible Santa Fe crossover, one of the best rental cars you will ever drive.

Designed by Anson Kou, the zombie slashing vehicle is the winner of The Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app contest and will debut at the San Diego Comic-Con next week.

The app was part of an ongoing partnership between Hyundai and the AMC show The Walking Dead. We see it also as Hyundai’s desperate attempt to compete with the Kia hamsters for a younger audience.


The actual car was built by Gaipan Auto Sports – who clearly had a closet filled with spare swords and guns. At the Con, people will be able to get inside the vehicle and check out its features, get zombie face paint, or claim some free swag.

I just hope that swag includes tetanus shots because getting into that car without becoming impaled on it looks just a bit tricky.

So what about the car itself? It has a grab-bag of knives and samurai swords, razor wired windows, aluminum armor (for zombies that throw rocks?), an automatic crossbow, and three machine guns. This all sounds good in theory except maybe the crossbow, which, despite having been banned by the pope, has been out of date since the 16th century.


In practice though, I have questions. Razor wire on the windows seems more likely to just act like zombie flypaper then to be any real barrier. And while the Santa Fe is a good car it isn’t exactly overflowing with power, or, for that matter, off-roading prowess. Adding several thousand pounds of pointy and shooty bits probably hasn’t helped 0-60 much.

Still, it is a commendable first effort. I am not such a spoilsport that I won’t offer Mr. Kou, or the Hyundai design team, a ride in my zombie apocalypse mobile when I find them stuck on the first speed-bump.


If nothing else, this post-apocalyptic crossover and that “Gangnam Style” song show that the South Korea people have a far better sense of humor than anyone gave them credit for.

Hyundai’s zombie battling Santa Fe may have its flaws, but we are glad that someone is paying attention to issues of serious public concern.

So I say kudos Hyundai – and keep at it. You may not be perfect, but you are much better at this zombie thing than Brad Pitt.

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Daryl Dixon Action Figures for Boys and Girls

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MF14539lgDaryl Dixon is everyone’s favorite, basically. I remember when I first started watching the show I didn’t know what to think of him. Was he as big of an asshole as his brother? They just kind of threw us in there with him and we didn’t know if he would bite, scratch of be a favorite.

He started off good by being in the woods hunting while everyone else cowered around their campsites. He kind of didn’t seem to care if he lived or died for the most part but after a short time, we did care. Daryl became the most loved character on the show, consistently badass with little hints of humanity and sweetness, without ruining his reputation.
So this is why you need this
Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Action Figure & Motorcycle Deluxe Box Set

This particular one is preorder only, doesn’t come out til March of next year, but it’ll be worth it. If you can’t wait, try these awesome figures as well!

Daryl and his Poncho

Walking Dead TV Merle and Daryl Dixon Action Figure 2-Pack

Daryl and Merl!



Review: The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 1

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The day The Walking Dead, Season 3 Episode 1 was on AMC, I watched it our travel trailer, ginning like an idiot in anticipation of the long awaited next chapter of my favorite show. We were due to move the next morning to a new place for the winter, but packing would have to wait for this and all the twitter chatter that I would have to get in on afterwords.

I was unsure of which kind (or in denial), but I knew our new place had satellite. I refused to guess until I saw it rear its ugly head in person. When we arrived at the new place on Monday, I found that the dish on the roof said in big, bold, ominous letters DISH. On top of being diagnosed with Bronchitis this week, the news that my Walking Dead habit will be much harder to maintain has been a bit crushing.

One way or another I’ll see the episodes, but at the same time as everyone else, unlikely. I don’t look forward to the plethora of  spoilers on Twitter I might inadvertently see but, hey, life goes on (literally!).

*For all my reviews, keep in mind I have not read the comic and don’t plan to until after the series is over so that I can judge the story as It’s presented to me for the first time. If you know the answers to my questions, comment if you like. Questions come to me given how the show is presented, without any background information (as it is to most people who watch it). Which is how I like to review things – at face value and not compared to their counter part, source or the like. Each work in it’s own light.


Season 3, Episode 1:

The Walking Dead Season 3I, like most everyone else who loves the show, have spent the summer trying not to let the wait torture me. I went on with my summer with occasional day dreams about life in prison, “life in prison” holding an entirely different meaning than it does right now.

The episode threw me off in the first scene. At the end of the last season, which I watched just before this episode, Lori is only a few months pregnant, Carl is but a child and Hershel does not have a beard.  They are also only a short walk from the prison, as you can see when the camera pans upwards into the sky to reveal the next season’s key hint. Was there a river in the way? Did I miss something? How did it take them months of going in circles with no solid plans and why did they even stay in that area so long?

I also found it hard to swallow that after the mood of the characters in the last episode of season 2, and how highly some of them thought of Rick, that they had been unquestioningly following him in circles around the region for such a time and were now sitting on the floor, planning to eat dog food. His wife is malnourished as we later find out and absolutely no progress with distance has been made and seemingly no plan is in action, except to “find some perfect place” that Rick insists they will find.  It reminded me of the debates last night and the “just trust me, I’m a business man” argument. For some reason, the characters decided to trust that promise, I assume because they felt they had no other choice and Rick had done well in the past. As they sat on the floor, looking terribly hungry and tired, preparing to share dog food from a can, they looked like an abused family under the dictatorship of an abusive father, too afraid to stand up to him, or maybe felling too hopeless. Either way, their months of suffering and putting all their faith in Rick, would pay off.

When they found the prison, the look on Ricks face spoke volumes about his position in this situation. Taking the can of dog food away and throwing it on the ground, it had been clear that Rick was feeling the pressure of leadership and of course his failures at doing so. Their passiveness must have made the failure feel even worse and it was eating him up inside. When he saw the prison, something inside of him lit up and came back to life. He saw an opportunity to not only survive, but flourish in a protected environment.

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of this plan was to ask the group to trust him once again and do as he says to get it done. In the months that we missed of their journey (ones I kind of wish we had seen), everyone in the group, including Carl, had become deadly zombie fighters. Unwavering shots to the head, stabs to the face and no one in the group was a burden any longer.

One of the things that annoyed me about season two was all the “baby mama drama”, relationship issues, the way Daryl treated Carol, the way Carl had been such a little shithead and was responsible for Dale’s death. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the season, but I am not a fan of prolonged drama. Some of that shit went on way too long.

This season, so far, all of that drama is gone, or comes second to the will to survive and the tasks at hand. They are a team, undivided by pettiness and ready to work towards a common goal. In the theme of “baby mama drama” though, I laughed out loud and I think even clapped, when the prospect of a dead baby tearing its way out of Lori came up. I really don’t like Lori and I LOVE zombie babies (Dead Alive).

As I tend to like secondary characters, like Carol, Dale, Glenn and Maggie (I was disappointed that Carol was not in the Season 3 promo posters), the scene where Maggie goes samurai on a prisoners face, seemingly overwhelmed by the frustration and hate for walkers.

Maggie goes berserk

Maggie goes Berserk

Of course Carl’s transformation into a responsible, mature little zombie killer was also impressive but I am still pissed at him about being a little shithead in season 2. I understand that being a kid in a post apocalyptic world can be hard, but you either buck up and surrender your childhood, or you die. I was amused to see that #killcarl is a commonly used hashtag on twitter, and I would have agreed last season, but as he didn’t die like everyone wanted. I decided to give him a chance, and so far he’s on his way to earning back my trust.

The Prison

I have many a time fantasized about living in a prison, huge catholic church, castle with walls and gates etc. – basically anything stone, large, and secure, so I was pretty happy with the prison scenario when I first heard about it. While I watched them “storm the castle” in this episode, I couldn’t help but think of how I would make the place a home and how people’s mental health could be affected by living in a prison in the long term. Sterile blank walls, colorless everything, trapped, cornered in small concrete rooms. My anxiety would take its toll after a while. I would probably end up living in a tent in the prison yard during the summers. For the situation the group is in though, this really is their best shot (short of going somewhere more remote than the midwest, which I would have done long long ago). I still don’t understand why they wont go west, or north to some remote part of Canada. “Lets run around in circles in the same tri state area till we find a place or die” seemed to be the general plan. Oh well, it worked out – maybe!

The episode ends with another cliff hanger for someone like me, who does not read spoilers or the comics (I like it that way). A group of men have been surviving in the prison already ( I did see hints of this in episode previews) and undoubtedly a struggle for power will ensue. I have to wonder though, if these men have been there the entire time this disaster has been going on, are there any food rations left? How many rations would a prison have back stocked and how many of them went rotten in the walk in freezers the first month? For the sake of the show and my hopes for the group, I will assume there is a ton of food in the armory nearby. Things like powdered eggs, REM’s and the like – and hopefully some dehydrated fruit so scurvy doesn’t set in.

I am excited to see more Michonne, the very comic-bookesque character we saw very little of this episode. She has been so worked up by fans of the comic book that I was sad to see they only showed about 2 mins of her in this episode, but at least we got to see her sword skills!


Can’t wait till next episode! (However it is that I acquire it.)


Review: The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury and Executioner (S2E11)

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“I AM THE LAW” Says Stalone, dressed from head to toe in futuristic bulletproof plastics. Hes Judge Dredd, and Judge, Jury and Executioner.

The society in Judge Dredd may not have been under attack by Zombies but it was broken none the less. As the group of TWD degrades into desperation, their decisions become less rational, and not just on a small scale. Almost the entire group is missing the point of surviving.

Dale brought up several more than valid points in his argument against killing the kid but an almost contagious fear and loss of faith in mankind has corrupted even Glenn, possibly most empathetic and friendly member of the group.
It’s understandable why they thought the kid might be a threat but had they given him a chance in the beginning and maybe played nice, say.. something like.. “we’re your friends, we saved you, they left you behind, tell us everything so we can protect ourselves”, rather than shoving him in a trunk, torturing him and putting a gun to his head…now in the case of his escape (impending) he will certainly run off to his group giving the “Rick” group the finger and bringing upon them a hailstorm of shit. I would rather face a group who felt the need to leave me behind than stay with a group who took a week deciding to shoot me in the head or not. Someone who leaves you for dead is better than someone who plays “judge, jury and executioner”.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11

Once again, the episode disappointed me with its female characters. I can’t think of any character I would like to see die more than Lori. She kneels below Rick, holding on to his leg like the cover of some cheap hero novel while at the same time being an irresponsible wanabe tiger mom. She pretends protection is her number one concern yet lets her son walk off by himself. She’s weak minded, passive and gets off on Ricks constant power trips.

Andrea is somewhat holding her own as a member of the group and is probably the most capable of accepting the penalties that come from some of her unbridled opinions. She is the least worried about what the group thinks of her, after Daryl and Dale, and I’m hoping to see her step it up even more in future episodes. I appreciate that she’s willing to listen to Dale’s argument and change her mind about the kid’s execution, amidst the disagreement of everyone else in the group. Although she is also losing her humanity a little with the rest of the group, she still stands as an opinionated person who is willing to hear all sides and remain objective, unlike Lori, who agrees because of some kind of “loyalty” to her husband as she would probably put it, or apathetic like the other passive and weak women characters.

My favorite part of this episode is seeing Rick and Carl learn. When Rick was about to shoot the outsider, and Carl walked into the barn with a smile, telling his dad to “do it”, Dale’s warnings about what he was teaching his son screamed deafeningly in his power tripping ears. Rick was embarrassed, humbled and hopefully slapped in the face with a fist full of self realization. Maybe he’s not always right? Maybe he’s no better as handling this or any situation than Glenn, Dale or Hershel.. or, Andrea? Maybe he is human afterall, like he was when he woke up in that hospital a confused, trusting and desperate man looking for his wife and son? He has turned into a raised eyebrow know it all walking hard-on and I enjoy seeing him knocked down peg.

Carl learned his lesson loud and clear when he basically realized it was his fault Dale died. He had been learning so many bad lessons from his father, he played with his own life and the lives of the group. Walking off by himself (good job mom), feeling untouchable and cocky, he teased a walker and nearly lost his life. Embarrassed, his told no one, but the consequences were still to come and I have a feeling either his guilt will eat him up and risk the group even further or he will become much less of a bastard. Either way, it’s interesting to see a child character develop so many complexities. It’s no coincidence that the female child never had such a role. The Walking Dead is an amazingly chauvinistic show considering it’s portraying a situation where playing an active roll in protecting the group would in reality be much more important than washing the dishes or being agreeable and “out of the way”. The women should be as prepared to defend and protect as any man or boy. They are as physically capable of running and shooting a gun as anyone, and in reality, not being able to do so would really just make you a liability.