There you are sitting in your house, or public building, when you suddenly hear a small bird cry out in terror. They’re coming.

You run upstairs because Zombies can’t climb stairs right? oh, but they can.. and get down them twice as quick.  You climb onto the roof, wondering if maybe you should have gone into the basement instead, but then it would be all dark and stuff. Plus, zombies have near eternity to wait outside your door, and you don’t want to be one of those jackasses who dies trapped in their basement.

Unfortunately for you, these zombies use dynamite and it wont matter where you hide, if you can’t fly, you’re meat.

This is just some of the experiences you might have in a new zombie game created by the Insurance Comparison website, called Home Sweet Zombie.

The game is short and sweet but humorous. You simply type in your last name and home address and send zombies running to your actual door, via Google Street View and building interiors.  I unfortunately have not had an easily findable address for years and can’t remember any at all before that, so I just used the White House and Obama family for my game. This was in no way meant to be Anti Obama, he just happens to live there right now and I knew the game could find that address.

Not only did it find the address but the zombies were inside the White House building, doing…well…what zombies do.
My White House Zombie Attack:

Zombies in the White House

Check out the game and if it can’t find your house, you can try a public building you like, or despise, like the IRS Building (10th St & Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004). I just spent over an hour on hold with the IRS yesterday so I wouldn’t mind seeing them overthrown by zombies.

Unleashing zombies on and *virtually* blowing up government buildings can be fun and all, but don’t forget to do your ex girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s house (or anyone you wish cartoony ill upon).

Home Sweet Zombie may ultimately be a ploy to get you to buy insurance, but it’s still a good time and has a lot of potential for an active imagination.

 P.S. This game also makes for some great free therapy!

Play it here: Home Sweet Zombie Game