I’m just another person with a shitty childhood, complicated family life and emotional issues as a result. We’re like, everywhere, right? Well, I’ve wanted to get my stories out there – in no particular order at this time – both for myself and those who like to delve into the flaming dumpster that is other people’s lives.

Publicly, I’ll post weird dreams and interesting things I learn, privately, with password protection, I’ll post more personal things. If you’re interested in the personal stories of childhood events, self deprecation, and the struggles of a self raised adult (wow I made that sound fun) please request a password. I’m not a super private person clearly but I don’t mind sharing my journey to being a stable human being – *getting there* as I go through therapy, 2 years in now.

Email varduchula@yahoo.com or use the form below for a post password.

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