1st Visit To Argentina: First Week

Now this is torture. I have a chance to live in Argentina in a really nice 2 bedroom apartment for $400 a month. It’s in one of the nicer areas and very near downtown, It only takes a little paperwork and a few months and your a citizen (supposedly). Also, there is a photography college about 5 blocks away. Gardner is moving back to the US for a year in August and I have this chance to take over his place. but I cant. My mom is ill and needs someone to move with her to warmer weather.. and I don’t know if I’m ready to leave my friends yet. I could learn spanish so much faster by living here but…. crapola! haha. oh well. I guess now that I know how easy it is to move here than I can always try again later.
I miss my puppy and my kitty .. and my moms kitty, and BUNNY!!!


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