4 days without internet

Thursday: first day in apartment.
I unpack my things and decorate my fridge and shelves .. wondering if I’ll give up and return to Portland… to then have to go to Stevenson and live on my mom’s floor. I’m really that broke. The view is amazing and generally my patio has sun all day long. My bedroom window faces the park and Chena whimpers when she looks out it. I bought some groceries, the bulk of which was hamburger sadly. I figured with as broke as I am and as cheap as it was that I wouldn’t have to buy Chena any canned food which is a lot here, and I could get protien however possible for as long as possible. Its so cheap here I could literally spend $1.50 a week american and live off only ground beef, but I’ll probably puke. At least I know its from a good place.. I hate ground beef normaly, this really just tastes more like shredded beef than ground. So I guess I’m nowhere near being vegetarian anymore for now, I knew that’s what would have to happen here, so far it seems like the only protein in the country is meat and maybe lentils…I think I’ll be giving all the beef to Chena and eating lentils.

Friday: I spent the morning going from place to place trying to pay my cable bill so I can get it on by Monday. Tried 4 places before I could make it to the right place.. which ended up being the cable company itself. There are all these places you can go to pay utilities, cell phone bills, cable bills etc that scan a barcode on your statement but all I had was a number so they kept sending me away. I get an email from a guy whos involved in the Ex-Pat group down here. (expat= expatriot) I text his phone with my phone number here and he calls an hour later, hes an older man.. like 40s, and he insists I go to something called “Talk Time” .. normally where Spanish speakers speak English together but sometimes English speakers get to speak Spanish. This was an English one, there was a older woman in her late 50’s early 60’s running the thing, a crazy eccentric 45 year old guy and a 30’s girl who almost died from carbon monoxide a few years ago and lost half her memory. Apparently its common here because ever apartment and house runs on mostly gas. After there was an expat dinner with about 30 people at an armenian restaurant, still not a spicy thing on the menu, but they had hummus and other Moroccan style appetizers so I didn’t have to eat meat, I had no money and the 40 year old had to cover me.. making me feel like shit. I listened to Willy Nelson before I left.

Satuday: I feel like such a dork being in Argentina listening to Willy Nelson but thats all I want to hear right now for some reason. It’s compilation of his best songs.. most of them depressing love songs and one or 2 Highwaymen songs… if a neighbor is listening I’m sure they are disturbed haha. I’m not exactly depressed and I don’t miss someone I loved and lost.. so these songs don’t generally apply, but he sings about Whiskey a lot so maybe I just need to get drunk. Im watching Cutthroat Island.. worst pirate movie ever.

sunday: I watched another crappy pirate movie Sea Wolf; second worst pirate movie ever.

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