1st Visit to Argentina: Week 4

So , I left where I was staying last night and am off to stay in a hostel today. It was just getting too weird and not in a good way. To the point where outside opinions saw its un-right-ness and helped me make it right.. by leaving. So I stayed with them last night.. forgot a few things but for some reason I still have keys. I don’t really need a guide here anyways i guess. I got hooked up with maps and tourist stuff that should help me get around.. and will hopefully tell me where not to go as a single white american girl haha. I have no idea what the hostel will be like but it’s winter here.. although its about 65 degrees average. I’m hoping it will be totally dead and ill have a room to myself. Im not much of a “communal living” person. I did get to go on an awesome ship the day before yesterday and we took a tour of all these river houses in Tigre.. every so often there was a shipwreck or a dilapidated building. Heaven to me.  All the houses we passed were only accessible by boat and people in little boats with paddles went by and waved fairly often. I guess these house only sell for about $30.000 american. That’s so damned cheap. I took a ton of photos.. maybe about 3 rolls of the ride and the sunset afterwords. It took about an hour on a train to get there. We drank a bottle of wine on the train.. one on the boat.. and another on the way back. That’s a lot of wine. That’s when things went bad at that apartment. If I had a place to go I would have left that night. I really found out a lot about myself and how much different I am from how I may have been a year ago even. K. More details about my trip later.. or in person. I’m off to find a Hostel.

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  1. Having a good time?

    I talked to you this morning, and I didn’t realize that you had left the country. I hope you are having fun. I would like to see some of the pictures when you get back. Stay safe and have fun! Hope the ankle doesn’t bother you too bad.

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