Coppers and Flowers

There is one pink tree in the park across the street covered in huge flowers. I took Chena for a walk and decided to find the pink tree to get a branch if I could. The closest branch was about 12 feet up. I took off Chena’s leash and balanced on one foot on the back of a bench that was luckily cemented down. I tossed the leash around the branch and pulled it towards me close enough to grab, then jumping off the bench with branch in hand, I twisted a piece till it broke off. In the US this would be a possible felony I think (?).. if someone really felt like an asshole.. stealing public property.. destruction of public property.. the chances of someone really making a fuss are near impossible unless your drunk maybe. This isn’t the US so I had looked around to see if anyone was watching. I gathered the branch and started to examine it as I walked back towards my house and noticed a man coming out of the dark. Yes it was a cop.; a south american “dont they all carry machine guns?” cop. I didn’t know what to do but I’m sure he had started walking this way seeing my acrobatics from across the park. I couldn’t even say hi, trying to decide if it was better to act like a foreigner (because I am), or like nothing was wrong. He wasn’t a ‘bright orange official renta-cop’ guy either. He had the bullet proof vest, guns, all of it, and it was a dark an ominous place to run into an armed Argentine cop.

He looked like he was going to keep walking then he stopped to take a look at Chena. I though “this is where he pretends to start a casual conversation and asks me if I know what the punishment is for stealing a branch”. He didn’t ask. he said something to Chena that wasn’t the usual “oh what a cute dog” statement and walked on. Maybe he didn’t know what to say either having already figured out that I wasn’t from here, probably hearing me tell Chena to ‘come here’ or something else I say to her non stop. We parted ways, and I still was a little freaked. When we got to a clearing 20 yards away we ran the rest of the way home. My branch is pretty and in my window facing the park. Maybe he’ll see it next time he has to walk through the park at 2am on a Sunday night.

ok. so its not stealing a park bench or getting caught for throwing that kid down the stairs but it’s something haha. I haven’t had any excitement in weeks (since I got robbed). Now its a Sunday(ish) tradition.

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