I dreamed that I came back to the US but decided to leave all my things here and just send money to pay for my rent here.. it put me in an even worse situation and everyone was trying to convince me to let the apartment go and all my things with it because I couldn’t afford another ticket to go back for a while. So .. I felt worldly.. having an apartment in Argentina while I lived in the US but really I was just pretending to be something I’m not… which is a rich person. People have that impression about you when you travel.. especially when you rent an apartment in another country. …but as most of you know I have no money and whether I’m here or there.. I’m struggling to make ends meet.. so I figured.. why does it matter where I am broke at? Why be broke in my own country when I can go be broke in another and see new things at the same time? I hear Manila is the cheapest country in the world for Expats to move to.. although I speak nothing near anything javanese or Tagalog, any other language spoke in that cluster of islands. I seem to get by ok here, and even if I spoke less Spanish than I do.. I’d get by. anyone who can point at maps or food and show facial expressions can get around in a foreign country.. but I’m only speaking from my own experience.. and from a country in south america. Maybe people in Estonia wont understand if you point at a loaf of bread and hold up 2 fingers, but I doubt it.
I went to Blockbuster tonight and rented a movie.. they are everywhere here. Almost as common as McCraphole. Rented Bewitched.. don’t laugh.. I’ll rent something better later; I like Will Farrell most of the time.
So in the meantime I’ve been trying my ass off to get some work and pull up some money. I have about 1/3 of my rent for next month after I buy Chena’s insulin and dog food tomorrow. I have a pinched nerve in my neck which is oddly enough most irritated when I’m on the computer. I now am going to use the floor as my office. and I’m complaining but.. that’s why I write blogs.
Seriously I can’t help it.. blogs make me want to vent. So if you want to talk about positive things. I do have a Portland phone number still that you can call anytime 😉


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