Getting Robbed can be Fun*!!! *sorta

I got robbed in the subway station on my way to another neighborhood.. why did i leave my neighborhood? I don’t know… but it actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds except that they took my digital camera.. which i think I sufficiently broke while fighting them off.

At first there was only 2 little 10 year olds. I was on an escalator going up from the subway. No one was in front of me, and no one behind.  I had just taken my camera out to take a pic of the people who had been in front of me going up the escalator and then I took picture of one of the kids as he came down the stairs towards me. Thay asked for money… one on each side, already unnerving.. and I said I don’t have shit, which I didn’t. Putting my camera back in my purse they were suddenly joined by a much older teen, and they all simultaneously grabbed for my camera. I of course held on like death grip and pushed them away, but one of them had the strap and when it broke my hand flung and so did the camera. The batteries flew out and it fell a few stairs lower and pretty hard.. hopefully breaking (Now remember this is all happening on an escalator so its like an action flick). Well this frees my hands up and I go to get the camera when one of the little fuckers climbs down and grabs it while the older one tried to keep me stopping him. The other young one is kind of in my way at this point so I grab him by his hood of his coat and fling him down the stairs. By this time we were at least 90% of the way up the escalator, and he flew just about the whole way down. The older one looked at me shocked like no one had ever defended themselves or fought for their shit. He ran after the kid who fell… but as far as the camera, it went the other direction with the little one who crawled under us to grab it. By the time I got to the top I didn’t even see where he went. It was pointless to tell any cops.. pointless to be mad about it really. I didn’t really like that camera anyways… only 4.0 megapixels, but it was really worth throwing a kid down the stairs and getting in to a scuffle on an escalator. I buy these little shits hot dogs every time I have money when I’m downtown, never give them money, partly because I have little and also because in most cases it’s their parents who are putting them out on the street every day to beg. They need food, not money… and apparently broken cameras and all my photos on the SD card. It’s something most people will never experience and at least I have that thought to hold onto…

Today was one of the good ones, I came here to experience shit, and I am.

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