It has been found

I finally found a damn place and just like I originally wanted.. its a studio 😀 So I wont have to share anything with anyone but Chena and my guests from the US or.. you know.. people who come to watch movies :D.. anyways.. no sharing. Here’s some photos of it .




You can’t even tell how huge the patio is.. almost 3/4 the size of the apartment. and no the apartment’s not huge but It’ll be fine for me and Chena and some floor surfers. The lady is bringing a bed and it has table, chairs, kitchen, bathroom, no bidet though.. now all it needs is me to decorate.. when I can afford to.

It has new paint.. tiles floors.. I need a bbq for my deck. I’m on the top floor so I can’t bother anyone and yes.. that is a picture of a HUGE park for Chena to run around in without me having to walk her 100 blocks to find trees. The place costs about as much as any shared room in a house that I looked at and my only other expense will be cable internet.. which is about 8$ a month promo and $15 a month after that. The market here is amazing. I didn’t even have to look for this place. She emailed me from my ad on craigslist that I posted yesterday. Now the problem is getting enough money to keep the apartment. I need 2 months more rent and living expenses to make it till October 12th or so when I get my student loans. This will be a challenge. Anyone know anyone who needs a dirt cheap website? 😉 I work for pesos :-p… until I’m on my feet.. then I’m back to being expensive. joke. k. wee.. must pack.

I also noticed that when I get pissed sometimes I can speak Spanish better…

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