Mmmm carbs…

I like crackers lots. I ran out of carbs for a while and didn’t notice till I felt sad and starving every time I walked past a bakery.

I didn’t do much today, but did see some huge broken down dilapidated building that I thought was abandoned… then a little girl stuck her head out the window.. and just after I saw a nun and decided it was an orphanage, just like the ones in the movies..the ‘porridge and mush for dinner and roaches on the ceilings and walls’ type of orphanage.. at least I’d like to imagine.

It was nice out and I lied in the sun with Chena on the floor of the apartment.. my legs haven’t seen the sun in 2 years and I now have brown liver-spot type marks all over them haha. Chena’s sight is getting worse but at least shes near sided.. when I take her to the park at night, she puts her nose to the ground and wanders off a bit… then, when she realizes I’m not near .. or near enough at least.. she perks her ears up and looks around. If I don’t call her right away she gets worried and starts turning in circles like shes lost… its sad and cute. She doesn’t like to be startled I discovered (big surprise). She couldn’t find me once, so I called her then stood behind a tree… when she came near I jumped out and grabbed her. She crumbled to the ground in fear and wouldn’t wag her tail at me for an hour. I suppose it’s pretty mean to tease blind dogs.. but I thought shed think I was playing like old times. I dont know how much worse it will get.. so far it’s only noticeably worse at night, and definitely near sided.. although when in the park during the day sometimes she starts walking up to a stranger like she thinks it’s me till she gets a few feet away from them then stops and looks confused until I all her. :'( my poor dog. She still doesnt understand she’s sick I think.. although she lets me know when its time for her shots… which is nice.

I read a great article about president Bush.. here’s an excerpt:

“As the president says, we underestimate him, but  he was not born stupid, he chose stupidity. Bush may look like a well-meaning dolt. On consideration, he’s something far more dangerous: a dedicated fool.” Article on why Bush is so stupid @

I don’t have anything that interesting to say today except the following which is probably only interesting to me:

****** touchy subject matter for people who are scared of or dont bother with race issues **********

Here’s a short and obvious statement on racism: …. if you had a bad experience with one person of one race or even 10 people of 2 races.. that doesn’t mean that they all.. everywhere.. are the same and all deserve one heaping spoonful of ignorant hate.. make an attempt to hate the person who has done you wrong and leave out the fact that they just happen to be Jewish or black or native american.. or just hate everyone in the world equally and leave out the race part all together.. no one who reads this wouldn’t already know that.. the only people who should be hated all at once .. are stupid people

I grew up in a lot of really racist places…mainly Montana and Idaho (white supremacy capital), and my stepdad was majorly racist.. so its not like I haven’t seen it or heard it.. but some asshole from Canada who I used to talk to online about 2 years ago got a hold of me on MSN and started talking about a “paki” at his work, and I nicely explained to him that that “was a bit racist…” and he said.. “well i didn’t call him that till he pissed me off.. and I was almost fired for telling him to go back to his country.” I stated again.. “because that also is racist”. He then stated.. “I was going to file a reverse suit against him if I was fired because he always fights with the white people there”.. and i said.. “Does he state that it is because you are white and call you whitey like you call him paki? or do you just happen to be white, and there at the time?” … his response.. “I don’t call him paki at work.. and he says ‘that white guy ‘ sometimes when talking to other pakis”.. and i say..” maybe hes being descriptive like if i were to say.. ‘ the guy who fell into the pit was a black/asian/mexican (whatever the case might be) man about 28 years old and 6 feet tall” .. his response.. “that’s considered racist in Canada”.. I say.. “socially accepted descriptive adjectives are racist?”.. his response.. “yep” … me.. “then maybe i don’t want to go to your part of Canada.. sound a little uptight and afraid of its own diversity”.. he says “it is.. but we give too much power to the minorities” .. me . “maybe people are uptight about racism because there’s so many racist people there”… “there are.. but don’t get me wrong.. I am racist at some people.. mainly Indians (american), I was amazed when I went to South Dakota and actually saw ones working and clean”.
I then go on some long speal about how I’m part native american (common claim.. I know..) and I grew up on several reservations and how shitty the government treats people on reservations.. and how he should consider it an economic problem for a group of people and not a race related problem .. he said “all they do is take money from the government and get drunk every day.. steal.. do drugs” .. and i said.. “oh yeah.. every native american in North and South America. from Canada to Antarctica? Oddly I know of plenty of white people living off welfare and getting drunk every day and I don’t think all white people are like that”..
Then basically, I just got irritated because he wouldn’t get a clue and said.. “your right.. all people of one race are the same everywhere in the world and you’re mr. white man and better than them all? k? you racist bigot asshole…” .. then I blocked him.
what a dildo face.
maybe he should eat more crackers.
( i really like the word bigot lately)

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