The Cold Bitter Bite of Dry Ice

Another ‘un-intersting crap from my day’ blog:
More and more walking today but it was freezing so we’ll call it “walking .. wiping snot on ones arm.. then walking more”. I went the opposite direction I usually go which is another neighborhood.. first time I’ve left mine since I moved into this apartment. I haven’t been in a rush really.

I found this amazing building, all post modern 70’s south american architecture and pretty damn fantastic. It was top heavy, almost upside down looking and supporting the large overhangs were concrete arches rather than pillars like most building who attempt that. It was covered in graffiti and vines and had beautiful stairs and round little windows with pissed of people looking out them as I took their pictures (and they could do nothing muahhahaha).

There was a spiral staircase with walls covered in painted names and phrases. Me and Chena went up the stairs slowly.. not knowing what the building was.. a huge corporation guarded by men with guns?… a private school or art university?.. we finally made it up and Chena thought the barrier that separated the walking area from the a 12 foot drop would be a really cool thing to try to jump on.. she likes walking on walls. She wasn’t on a leash so I look back just as she’s trying to keep her balance from a nasty fall. Scary as hell but it kept me laughing for about 5 minutes though.

We then found a floating plaza like area with more post mod fixtures and ‘seating like’ giant flowerboxes with plantage (mostly vicious thorns) growing inside them. It was seemingly unused in years but probably just since last summer. I ran out of film and start to just look around and see what this vast, expencively designed building is. ITS A LIBRARY! I suppose if there is an international contest for kick ass libraries.. this one has been winning since the 70s. Ill be back when its sunnier out to take more pics probably.
We then went to a market where Chena was stepped on by many a person. The market was set up really poorly, there was only room to walk in front of the stands.. and no room to stop and look. If you stopped you got stepped on…. well not me so much, but Chena. poor dog.. she had a long day. After I left the market it was about 6pm and I realised I had not eaten since the day before. I am eating now; quiche and ice cream to go.

p.s. I have now seen public urination 3 times now in broad daylight.. today was on the side of a building right on the sidewalk while people walked by; and it was the newsstand owner 5 feet from his own news stand. funny stuff.

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