The Stranger and the Clown

Photo01_1I discovered today that a lot of people in Argentina are absolutely fascinated by crappy mimes and clowns and those people who paint themselves like statues and sit still.. while pained… like a statue. I don’t think that’s something I really care about one way or the other.. their liking of them that is.. but there was a mime at an intersection in Recoleta.. doing nothing but harassing cars as they drove by.. pretending to be hitchhiking, acting like he almost got hit.. um.. walking funny?.. there must have been 200 people.. sitting standing at the lights and on the sidewalks for a half a block in each direction trying to get a view of his “hilariousness”. I tried several times to see what I must be missing.. and each time he would do something not funny.. and everyone would laugh hysterically. Maybe it’s that I hate mimes and clowns and that sort of humor.. I need men dressed like women and people hurting themselves horribly.. or farting?.. I guess.

I found the Hard Rock Cafe Buenos Aries today.. I’ll have to go there sometime.. to say I’ve been to at least one. I’m sure the food tastes like Denny’s or its all Argentina food but we’ll see.. maybe. I went to go talk with that guy again to practice my talking and it seemed …wrong.. of course I’m stupid and naive about that kind of “wrong” .. either way. he didn’t show at this cafe after 15 mins so I left. He buzzed my door over an hour later at which point I had walked in crappy weather for an hour and didn’t feel well. I was glad he didn’t show but pissed I bought a coffee and waited even that long; I have blisters on my feet from my new shoes, hadn’t eaten, and it was 4 pm and a I had a headache (waa waa waa).

When he called, he tried to make it sound like I didn’t show.. and then when I said I don’t feel well and I just want to go home he started bitching me out basically. He said I was lying about being sick.. that I’m lying about not understanding everything he says.. and the pity party ‘you just don’t want to hangout with me’ type of statements.. so I confirmed in my shitty speaking..”if you think I’m a liar.. I don’t care.. I can’t control what you think and I’m going to do what I want anyways.. if you had been at the fucking cafe when I was there over 1.5 hours ago I might have felt like talking.. but now I’m sick and tired and you’re calling me a liar, so I’m going home”.. and I went. WTF would make a stranger think he could tell me I was lying to him.. a stranger who didn’t change his clothes (nasty dirty sweats) has no teeth and yells at people who hardly speak his language.. let alone speaks at 100mph when he knows I’m trying to pick up the accent. I also mentioned to him that he has no clue what its like to learn another language and that just because I can speak some and understand some, doesn’t mean I understand everything, and therefore must be lying about not understanding what hes saying? plus with a headache, I can concentrate about 5% on translating at full speed, so trying to talk to me was pointless.. anyways…this is why I don’t talk to people.. if anyone was wondering.

In other news…. I used to draw but then I lost my soul and found a camera. I still want to make a stupid comic one day.

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