I re-lived this horrible car accident I was in when I was 13 while half dreaming. I couldn’t stop reenacting it and seeing the bloodied screaming person who was next to me trapped in the car. Always fun.

I then got stuck in a loop of terrible memories and remembered that when I was 5, I always walked home from school before my mom was home from work. One day I walked up the driveway and saw our horse laying on the ground dead and my miniature dachshund, and a neighbor dog, eating the her stomach. The horse had colic the day before from eating moldy hay and although we walked him for hours, he still died when everyone went to school and work. Her name was Apache.

Then I remembered how one of my friends has a mutual friend from school, although they were friends with them during different years, and who they know as a christian, and a good guy, and I knew to be a wanabe “Satan worshiper” who drew “satanic symbols” all over my book case and got in me in trouble even a year later in the Catholic girls home I was in (because my mom told them about the strange symbols…thanks mom).. funny how that happens.

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