Tom Green is still alive

I’ve been searching through web tv stations all day and I found a tv channel that is only online called ManiaTV and Tom Green has a “Tom Green Live” show that is absolutely terrible. Tonight he had Dave Navaro and they’re sitting next to each-other like its a David Letterman talkshow, taking calls from random maniaTV viewers.. it’s not funny at all. He looks really sad, like his career is about as low as humanly possible.. even though his show does get people like Dave Navaro, he’s still hiding out on some crappy internet only tv channel. How weird. I’ve never been a big fan but noticed his disappearance since his divorce. He plugs myspace constantly and talks up internet TV like its cool and not a bitch to stream for the average user in most cases.

I also found a TV channel in the Netherlands that’s just like the Truman show. Right now there are 3 camera angles of a couple sleeping and one of the outside of their house. I wonder what happens during the day and if the cameras are all over the house. ..another channel I found that I really feel bad about is a German station that is a 24 hour German American Idol.

Luckily I found HBO Singapore, a cartoon channel with banned black and white cartoons (smoking and racism etc) and Hollywood TV.

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