Tomato Bisque Coffee

I made coffee at 9pm tonight with intentions of enjoying it while watching streaming HBO Singapore and reading my jazz history homework, instead I got un-spicy mexican rice flavored coffee with a hint of tomato because I didn’t wash my only pan well enough. I drank it anyway. *shame*
I took Chena to the park this afternoon and for the second time saw a woman sitting outside the veterinarian below my apartment bawling uncontrollably. This time the man that was with her was crying too; or at least he was pretending to. It’s extremely sad to see someone lose a pet, but it gives me a little satisfaction seeing that someone here loved their pet so much. I see so many people with trophy pets, ignoring the homeless cats and dogs or showing no regard or concern for their pet’s actions as they run fully across the park, following other dogs across major intersections with insane Buenos Aires bus drivers at every light. In my neighborhood its hard to see the people who would jump in front of a bus for their dog or cat. I’m a little extreme when it comes to my dog I think.. or I feel I am … compared to people here. I lift Chena up over the ledge at the zoo so she can see the goats or flamingos and she fully understands why I do and what she’ll see on the other side. I bend down and talk to her face to face when im telling her something important or trying to get her to understand that cars will kill her if she just walks out into the street.. I dont think she’ll ever get that one. She just gives me an impatient look and blows a big breath of impatient air while waiting for me to step off the curb and say ‘go’. Shes not a big city dog. She wants to play with other dogs but the preference for males in the society seems to have leaked over to pets as well. I’ve seen about 20% female dogs, if even that. I can remember 2 specifically that she has met. The rest are all untrained un neutered males who try to molest her every day. Then I get yelled at for bringing her to the park. They should make cock muzzles for male dogs here if they don’t want to neuter them or keep them on a leash once in a while.

I watched Star Trek: First Contact twice in 12 hours an loved it both times.

Today’s quote:

“sometimes them that wants the bible have less bible in their hearts than them wno don’t”
– long john silver

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