Deleting people…

I deleted about 1/2 my “friends” list.
Now it only has people I actually know, people I might meet in the near future and Che, Fidel Castro and Steve Zissou. I deleted you either because we don’t ever ever talk, you had no intention of meeting me (and you’re in Argentina), or you’re a jerk… which is the most common case.
This probably wont matter that I’m writing this because if you are any of the above you also don’t read my blogs or don’t speak English…. so on that note…. you’re either really fucking boring, too self involved, or a total shit. So I’m not losing anything and neither are you.

This was inspired by a guy I talked to online for months who lived in Cordoba, Argentina, he was coming to Buenos Aires to visit friends and said we’d get coffee, I emailed him what’s up after he’d been here a couple days and he literally said “I was in the plaza, I didn’t see you, where were you?” – we had never agreed on a place to meet, there are about 1000 plazas in the city and um.. what? He basically did some “I threw the ball (hides behind his back)” thing to me.. what.the.actual.hell? Ok, done.

Other note.. I’m going to do what I want with my blog and I whine A LOT in blogs because that’s the only place I have to vent anything. If you don’t want to hear it.. don’t read it.. its ok.. I don’t need comforting and you will get really sick of me really fast (if you’renot already) if you read them a lot because I guarantee you they will be depressing at times (and have REALLY shitty spelling and lots of typos). This is the only public blog on my list just in case the deleted assholes need some confirmation.. which they wont….

If you are still on my list. It’s because you are great.. even if we never see each other and hardly talk.. I probably don’t hate you at all. (im such a bitch.) .. either that or I don’t know you.. but I think there’s only 2 of those left. (and fidel, che and the Zissou)


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