Update – I have a guest in town

Update – I have a guest in town

I was planning on a “WILT” every day but I have had a guest in town since the 2nd of February and for another 2 weeks yet. I still work during the day but in the evenings when I would be updating this blog, I’m hanging out with them. I think it’s probably the better choice and less rude than doing research all evening for a blog no one reads.

I’m trying to get back into writing “Sleeping with the Dead” though I still have very little idea where it will go next. My characters are developing well but where and how the zombies come into the story it another thing. I’m leaning towards “catholic church secret” ..  you know, how they believe that saint’s bodies don’t decompose and all. There will be outbreaks at every location where a saint is buried.. shit, I think I figured it out just by typing it. See.. I should be writing more, things just come to me like PREMONITIONS!!! jk. No, but really,… stay away from the Saints.

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