Dream Journal #11: Wedding Bull

friend from long time ago is having a wedding. We both live in trailers and she’s getting ready in hers but coming over to ours to get a dress. Me and Ross leave to get some snacks and gifts but we’re hours from anywhere so we end up just going to some market in a nearby town and getting some junk food. We go back and it seems like we wait forever until it’s time to go to the wedding, its about 4am eastern time and the wedding is on the west coast. We travel instantly to a large church with several sermons going on in different parts, all kind of culty with intense preachers. While waiting for the wedding I sit at one sermon and leave when they start trying to talk to me.
For some reason I leave the area entirely, maybe to avoid the weird cult, and end up lost trying to get back to the wedding via secret doors and elevators in fountains and manholes all around some giant estate/castle. I make it there eventually and it’s just about the trashiest 2am wedding ever. Everyone is tired and bored.

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