Dream Journal #3

Dream Journal #3

I’m trying to get to an airport. I park my car in a neighborhood and go to the same tall mall building I’ve seen in many dreams. When you get there you go up an escalator to a woman in neon yellow lipstick and sit in her lap like Santa. She does something and sends you on. Next step your go to a window where a woman also in neon yellow lipstick is making copper tags for the luggage with your name stamped into them except she puts my name on wrong every time. Aammburr, Umburr, Ambuir. She blames it on the music on the radio and says she’ll try again and call my name when she’s done. I suddenly realize I don’t have any luggage or ID. I’m flying to Redmond Oregon for some reason but I need my passport as well.
I run out of the airport check-in area and towards giant car sized elevators to try and get to ground level. Several other people board, the floor a grating, and most of them get off on a nearby floor. Now there is some guy with me I don’t know, young Asian man, were both trying to to ground floor like a race. When I get off the elevator I think it’s ground level but I have to run down several more floors of a parking garage and trying to run as fast as I can, the guy is faster. I then run down the street trying to remember where the car is, pushing the button on the key so it’ll beep. I can’t remember when my actual flight is so I’m freaking out that I’ll be late and wondering how I’ll get back faster than I got out. Traffic is bad so a taxi won’t help and I don’t think I can run all the way again. I don’t think I finish the dream. I do try to imagine why I’m going to Redmond and I know there’s somewhere after that I plan to hitchhike to. Even though my luggage doesn’t include any clothes and I can’t find my phone. I realize it’s a town I’ve dreamed about in the past more than once, country road, some patches of forest. The town is kind of like a compound with a lodge and lots of grass surrounded by trees. I can barely tell if it’s somewhere we’ve been in the RV, it seems so familiar, but I don’t think it’s real. The mall building is also really familiar but I’ve never seen an airport in it. Usually the airport is up a hill above town and you reach it by L-train, there is no neighbourhood around it. Sometimes the mall building is two buildings with a walkway over water or a road but this is the one that’s as tall as an office building with a maze of a mall and half the shops closed and covered in semi transparent plastic sheeting.

Earlier, I’m hiding around an abandoned apartment with an old TV embedded in the wall, when I turn it on it’s just a radio. I’m hiding because I’ve taken down a homophobic notice on door that says they won’t rent to gay people and I’m sure I was on camera. I was on my way to my friends apartment but had to take the notice down and didn’t want to get her in trouble. I start to go down the stairs and she hears me and comes out calling down the stairs, i ask if she knows where somewhere else’s apartment is and she plays along, calls me another name. I feel stuck in the building and find the abandoned apartment and consider it for a place to hide.

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