Dream Journal #6: The upset

Dream Journal #6: The upset

In a 4×4 suv with Ross driving, the road is falling away on one side and we go off the road but manage to point down the hill and stay in control. Just off the road is a homeless tent and we have to drive over part of it, odd place for a tent when accidents are so likely there. We get turned around and drive back up hoping there was no one in the tent but also don’t want to find out there was.

Im getting food somewhere and at the register when I realize I left something on a counter. I step away for a second to get it and come back to find some hippie guy doing something over by my wallet at the register. I realize right away he’s taken a credit card but he won’t give it back. He’s not denying it either. He’s even apologetic but still Just won’t give it to me. I’m in some other town and don’t know how to get ahold of the cops so I call some number I find and it’s wrong. It takes so long to try to find a non emergency police number that I decided I should just call the bank before he uses it.

We arrive at some house with someone’s baby in the back of the car, no baby seat. The house is full of many people, all vegans, and they have a food thing planned with some boring snack. I go in the kitchen and see a bunch of other stuff but it’s not for us. The baby was left on the back of the couch and I catch it before it falls and put it on the floor. It proceeds to joke about which cry is the creepiest, starting with normal baby cries to goofier and goofier ones making me laugh hysterically. I take my dog out to walk and realize I’ve left my cousins’ dog in the car (though they weren’t there when I got there) for hours and they probably have to pee really bad. I get them out for a walk.

Sitting at home and a zebra that acts like a dog shows up and is friendly but the zoo is on the way. When they take her someone says “she was actually a woman in a zebra suit and now she’s a prisoner”.

Living in a zombie world where everyone and everything is undead. I’m at a park and a guy with a baby suddenly turns human again, all I say to him is RUN so he can get home alive and attempt to stay that way.
Going out at night is dangerous for everyone and I don’t know what I’m doing but I need a cart and three people have one that I ask to use, they’re from another realm or something and one by one they drop dead, the remaining accusing me of doing something to them.
I’m with my cat, who talks, who is trying to be stealthg but I’m too big. He climbs a tree and i try to follow. We see a huge spider trying to play with or attract a dog. The spider turns into a man, young and stylish, on all fours still trying to get the dogs attention. He turns back into a spider and the dog continues to ignore him. Not sure if he wants to play or eat him. The guy/spider is from a party behind him in a house.

I’m hanging out with my friend Ash and her girlfriend, and another girl who I for some reason want to set up with my friends girlfriend. They all despise me, I constantly compare stories or complaint, say dumb things. Some guy is talking about older rpg games and I butt in and talk about just having played dragon age origins and how it was weird and he glares and says “that’s what I just said”. My friend’s girlfriend is talking about a surgery on her finger because of a tumor and I say ouch, she assums I’m saying ouch about myself and asks about my finger which also happens to be messed up. I was trying to not steal her story but one word was enough when coming from me.
She later tells me to try sending fish at some restaurant and I say I would sooner eat a person, she says do you really mean that and I don’t know, I might.
We’re at a table with my friend Ash’s family and it’s her mom’s bday or mother’s day. Leona her neice gives her a pot of flowers and I have nothing, feel like a tag along even though these people have told me I’m family. I brought nothing and had nothing to say.

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