Dream Journal #8: A River

Dream Journal #8: A River

In the mountains somewhere and I need to use a bathroom or something, I have some reason for going up a steep rutty hill hill on my motorcycle in the forest. I look back down and all the ruts are filled with shiny, slippery, pine needles and I don’t look forward to going back down.

I find a cabin with a family living in it. Busy, and all the bathrooms are occupied, I finally find one open in the master bedroom. The bathroom is full of extra pans and kitchen utensils. There’s a low antique red/orange iron stove with pans on it like it’s used in there.

A memory from their past: the family gets home from somewhere and pull their Jeep into the garage. A bear rips through a hole in the back of the garage and starts sniffing around the doors before they get out. They back the Jeep out like they’re going to leave but instead get out and just try to ignore the bear, who’s belligerently drunk and has a cigarette. 😳 He leaves them alone.

I eventually leave the house and am looking for a way down the mountains. I come to a rushing river that makes some sharp turns and has several small waterfalls. I stare at it for a while and can’t tell which direction the water is flowing. I know what way its supposes to go but it clearly looks like it’s going uphill. I have this problem awake sometimes as well.

Something about riding bikes around the mountainous area with Ross looking for a place to possibly stay for the winter. An actual concern. Ugh.

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