Dumb Brains

Dumb Brains

So, I haven’t heard from my sister, Sarah this weekend so I assume she hates me and doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. I called my other sister Aimee and she didn’t answer or call back so I assume she doesn’t want to talk to me either. I did tell her that we’d probably be in CDA National Forest all day with no service but still, most of me assumed she would call anyways. Maybe this makes no sense, but I can’t help but feel like it does.

My brother Emery called this week and the conversation was mostly awkward and dumb. I tried to think of things to ask. He mentioned our dad being a drunk. I don’t remember him so it’s hard for me to comment really. The conversation ended with him saying “I’m really busy all the time and never take days off” aka, “so I’ll probably never see you, bye”.

Lisa, who I’ve known forever, mostly seems to want me to leave any time I’m around her. Like she decided a while ago that the friendship wasn’t worth it and merely tolerates me.

Ash will only keep plans or be available if it involves paying her.

I must be the worst person on the fucking planet. I won’t bother them anymore. I never should have assumed we were friends apparently.

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