Sibling BBQ

Sibling BBQ

So, I mentioned to Sarah that we should get together before she leaves for Vegas for a week but she took it as “all of us” and set up a group text message and made BBQ plans. Not what I had in mind but it mostly worked out. My other half sister Aimee and Sarah’s full brother Emery are very ‘country’ to put it one way. Aimee at least seems like fun but she’s also really religious, which is the opposite of fun to me. Emery didn’t really say anything and had really simple answers for anything I thought to ask. His wife, Kelly, was a little more talkative.

Aimee’s husband Chris is a tall, religious goober who likes to shoot animals, like, a lot. He didn’t say much but did walk up to me and start poking the big scar on my arm – subtle. Then everyone was looking at it and had to know where it came from, “a burn” I said. Technically true.

Aimee and Chris live on a giant property with 6 acres of green houses, a few horses, a Weimaraner, and a new female mule. Aimee is really into gaming and apparently has a game room like us, bur probably 10 times bigger and with way more consoles it sounds like.

Emery owns a construction company like I might have mentioned and is a pretty simple, short, fat man with a goatee. He was a jerk to Sarah as Travis was to me so I gathered he’s probably similar in a lot of ways. However I mentioned Travis and how mean he was and Emery said he’s surprised he isn’t in prison for murder or something – and that’s from knowing Travis when they were like 8-10 years old so that’s saying a lot. I am probably lucky I lived through having a brother like that.

I took no pictures but did get a couple pics of photos of our dad looking nothing like I ever imagined haha. What a dork.

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