WILT #20: How to use Multipstep Actions in Photoshop CC

WILT #20: How to use Multipstep Actions in Photoshop CC

I’ve been using Photoshop for literally decades but never got that much into actions. A SIN. I know… but I never liked or wanted to be a part of over edited photos. I felt like a sell out or a fake, well, I’m over it. Apparently everyone else is too and that’s what sells so. I’m in. However, I have gotten pretty use to using Lightroom Presets but didn’t even know multi step actions worked.

I knew how to push play and make an action happen, I knew how to create an action, but really advanced actions with multiple steps and user interaction throughout are just, better! I downloaded about 6 different ones today and found that many weren’t even compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud. Some of them, don’t even save each edit as a smart layer so you can’t adjust them at all by default. Most were free on deviantart.com – just search for ‘photoshop action’, but be aware for compatibility unless you’re an expert (I’m no expert).

Then I found my dream come true Photoshop actions on Greaterthangatsby.com – the Wet Plates collection. I about died. Then I looked at the price. HOWEVER! By coincidence I went to snoop around my email while I considered the price and found a 35% off coupon. It doesn’t work anymore – expired, but if you subscribe to their list you WILL get great discount codes from time to time. This is my second purchase from that site and I’m supper happy with them both.

I’m still getting the hang of fine tuning all the layers but these actions are my new favorite toy!

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