WILT #32: Hairy Wood Peckers Eat Seeds

WILT #32: Hairy Wood Peckers Eat Seeds

I have a bird feeder outside all winter and all day long every day, it’s visited by birds. Mostly I get Stellar Jays, I’ve gone from two to about ten or more visiting every day. When they take a break I get a bunch of little birds, Chickadees, Thrush and a yet to be identified small bird with a red head (not a cardinal).

Today I got a wood pecker, which is apparently as opportunistic as any other bird and will eat bird seeds as well. He’s a bit of an antisocial and likes to chase everyone else away. I love it. His movements are way different from the other birds and he has so much personality, and now I know, I can lure him to lunch and get videos of him!

After looking at tons of pics of woodpeckers I settled on him being a Hairy Woodpecker. Here’s a video of him and his cohorts ravaging my feeder.

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