WILT #14: 40 New Cuss Words I Never Knew Existed

WILT #14: 40 New Cuss Words I Never Knew Existed

51VhP+r40tLMy friend Lisa, my best friend from highschool’s little sister who is now a great friend of mine as well, gave me a book for Christmas, The Little Red Book of Very Dirty Words.

I read Letters A-B last night and learned far more cuss words than I ever wanted to, but it made me laugh out loud or gasp at least 10 times, and I definitely plan to read the rest of it. I really like that it’s a mix of British and American slang, since my boyfriend is British and we go to the K from time to time, I feel like I might get more jokes or at least know when I’m being insulted next time.

In “The Little Red Book of Very Dirty Words,” you’ll find the dirtiest of the dirty, along with the most deliciously obscene variations from English-speaking countries around the world. So go ahead, call your ex/boss/landlord a barmy, crop-dusting, kickin’, frackin’, bloody son-of-a-bitch dickwad.

Swear. Loudly. You’ll be friggin’ glad you did. Because with this nastiest of nasty wordbooks, you’ll find talking dirty has never been more fun–or more filthy!

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