WILT #16: Use a Minecraft Seed in Windows 10 Beta

WILT #16: Use a Minecraft Seed in Windows 10 Beta

I’ve played Minecraft for years but never used a seed, never played with other people and never found a diamond. If you play seriously, it’s probably pretty sad, but hey, I like doing other stuff besides mining and I’m rarely able to play online anyway (let alone know anyone to play with). However I have no excuses for not using seeds except that I played in a PS3, and I didn’t even know they existed. Before today I’ve pretty much figured everything out on myself, never read a wiki page or watched a Youtube video. To be fair, I’ve been playing Skyrim and Mass Effect for years now and Minecraft is not my first pick – but I like it for its therapeutic and goal reaching purposes.

Today however, I decided to download the Windows 10 Beta version from the Google Play store. I expected it to be pretty much the same but so far the controls are holding me back and I’m a little annoyed that my games on the PS3 are out of reach. I’ll get over it once I get used to the controls of a PC game once again.

Back to Minecraft Seeds…

So I found a forum, and I found a few websites, and I only got one seed to work out of all the lists, and it was a water world with no buildings that I could tell (404). I tried again and again, and kept ending up in a really dense forest with nothing in any direction but trees.

I even found a seed that was supposed to put me in a village full of bunny rabbits.. but noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

After more time than I’d like to admit, looking for a seed that worked, I found a blog that explained why they weren’t working.

“The Minecraft Windows 10 beta version is modeled after the Pocket Edition, making it more streamlined to function seamlessly between PC and mobile devices running the new operating system. While that’s handy for switching between tablets and desktops or playing multiplayer, the new version doesn’t always play nice with older seeds.”

FINALLY, answers.

I then found a more up to date forum post that has seeds verified to work within the last month (Dec 2015).

I tried out a couple but settled on “thebestseedever” – and pretty quickly, while flying, in creative mode, found a small village to start my mediocre new existence in.


To use a seed in Minecraft for Windows 10 Beta:

  • Start a New Game
  • Name your game and click Advanced in the top corner.
  • Type in the Seed name or number
  • Choose a world type (I used infinite and didn’t test the others)
  • Choose Survival or Creative Mode
  • PLAY (in creative mode, double click the shift bar, or jump, to fly and search for a village or place to build a home).

Resources: Minecraft ForumGameSkinny.com



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