WILT #17: Some ski vocabulary

WILT #17: Some ski vocabulary

I had to write a blog today for our recent ski trip so I decided not to sound like a cad and look up some terms! I didn’t use many of them because we’re only on green runs, but at least I won’t be clueless in the future – and THAT is what learning is all about.

Full terms here: https://www.englishclub.com/vocabulary/sports-skiing.htm

Skiing Vocabulary list

word example sentence meaning
aerial In the aerial competition, the skier does flips in the air. freestyle ski jumping that involves flipping in the air
Alpine The Alpine events will take place on the local mountain ranges. downhill ski events
biathlon Target shooting is an important component of the biathlon event. a ski race that involves cross-country skiing and shooting at targets
binding If your binding breaks, your boot will fall off your ski. holds the ski boot onto the ski
combined The combined events require both types of skills. a competition that mixes two events
freestyle Aerials and moguls are the two main types of freestyle event. acrobatics on skis (also a type of “cross-country”)
gates When the gates are placed closer together it is difficult to gain speed. two sets of poles that skiers must go through in certain events
goggles Goggles protect your eyes from wind and ice. eye protection for skiers
hot-dogging Doing stunts on skis is sometimes called hot-dogging. another word for flipping in the air on skis
incline When a hill has a steep incline the skier goes faster. the angle of a slope
IOC The IOC decides which new sports will be introduced each year. International Olympic Committee
loop Skiers have to do an extra loop if they receive a penalty. a circular track
moguls Skiers with bad knees should avoid trails with moguls. snow bumps that are groomed into a ski run for a freestyle challenge
Nordic The Nordic skiers train for long-distance races. cross-country
peaks Gondolas and lifts take skiers to the mountain peaks. mountain tops and cliffs
penalty Adding seconds to a racer’s score is one form of penalty. a time or score punishment for making an error or breaking a rule
relay The fastest member of the relay team will do the last section of the race. an event where members of a team take turns to complete a race or task
rifle The biathlon skier wears a rifle close to his body. a gun with a long barrel
sharp (turns) It is difficult to go fast on a course with many sharp turns. very tight (not wide)
slalom The slalom event requires amazing precision. a downhill event with sharp turns
slopes Cross-country skiers gain speed when they reach sections with slopes. downgrade sections on a piece of terrain; hills
stride The kick and glide is a type of ski stride. one step or pace on skis
target If he misses another target, he won’t win the race. the object you are aiming for
terrain The steep and icy terrain is for advanced skiers only. ground that you pass over

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