WILT #21: Post to Instagram via Your Laptop with Gramblr

WILT #21: Post to Instagram via Your Laptop with Gramblr

I was giddy as a school girl when I found Gramblr today. I manage 3 Instagram accounts and get so tired of coming up with ways to get the images I want to share from my computer or blogs, to my phone, without wasting a ton of time. It keeps me from posting enough and is generally just really tedious to log in and out of different accounts on my phone.

Enter the best thing that ever happened to Instagram: Gramblr. Yes I’ll still have to switch accounts, but with a mere dropdown menu rather than typing in the info every time. I can just upload an image, even SCHEDULE an image whenever I write blogs or have new photos in my shop. It’s a huge help, and it even has all the Instagram filters, cropping and sharing tools after is posts.

They even offer a service to get your post likes from other Gramblr users.

Even if you only have one Instagram account – you might need this!


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