WILT #25: The Willows was one of Lovecraft’s favorite Horror Novellas

WILT #25: The Willows was one of Lovecraft’s favorite Horror Novellas

The-Willows-Algernon-Blackwood-Hard15-lgeIf something scared H.P. Lovecraft, you know it’s scary so when I found The Willows on my boyfriend kindle (whether he or I downloaded it months ago, we can’t decide) I read a chapter and looked up more info about the book. I had no idea yet that it was going to get scarier. It seemed like it might just as easily pass for a travel book so far, but after finding out that it H.P. Lovecraft called it one of the best horror stories of its time, I actually took a couple days off to prepare.

The book is by Algernon Blackwood, quite an amazing name, and the story starts with a couple of guys taking a trip via canoe down a flooded Danube river. I took a break to listen to the song Blue Danube because I couldn’t get the name out of my head, and I continued. I’d truly hate to give anything more away about the book. It’s terrifying on a sensory level and describes things in a way that really puts you with the pair in their tale. It’s short, only 3 or 4 chapters I believe, and I read it in just 3 nights before bed.

It’s free for Amazon kindle and cheap as a paperback: http://amzn.to/1Nz918k

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