WILT #30: Sign Language Alphabet Refresher

WILT #30: Sign Language Alphabet Refresher

We were sitting at a bar today, having a beer and lunch, when I started to examine the beer labels under a layer of lacquer on the table, as I always do at this bar. I noticed a label for Left Hand Brewing that had 4 hands making sign language symbols. Logically, they read “left” but I suddenly remembered how well I used to know the sign language alphabet (not much more) and no longer remembered much. I could rattle the whole thing off in elementary school, in my geeky attempt at impressing people, something I’ve never managed to do once, and at some point I almost entirely forgot it.

I was taught it as a young kid, I believe in school, but I did have to learn some sign language songs in church as well. We also learned braille and some basic morse code, to what purpose I don’t know but I always thought it was the coolest stuff to know.

I tried to remember the alphabet, hoping for some muscle memory, and I got pretty close on some and were sure about a few, but I eventually looked up a guide because it was bothering me so much. Once I saw the alphabet it came back to me pretty quick and I was able to rattle it off for my boyfriend, in yet another attempt at impressing someone. It may have sort of worked, for the first time ever.



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