WILT #38: I can be very close minded

WILT #38: I can be very close minded

I have these weird hangups where I don’t want to be like other people, like, at all, so I avoid being normal in any way, or liking things I think that “the vast majority” would like.

I have been doing this since I was probably about 15 or so, when I got out of being in a girls home and was essentially on my own. I had had no real influences in my life, no “teen experience” to speak of and I had to learn how to be an adult and be independent at a young age. I decided that most people were stupid, they judged me, they thought they were better that men and I was jealous that most of them had a normal childhood, and I hated them all (almost all), and it sort of stuck.

I also don’t like not knowing things and I despise doing things wrong. I want to know everything and I want to already know it before anyone asks me. I like to learn, but I like to do it in private, so when I know things, people suspect I have always known.

I think weed is stupid
I bought a “weed” muscle rub to see if it would help with my sore neck and shoulders (HUGE step for me, weed is still stupid). 

I think smoking is stupid.
This is still stupid.

I think popular music is stupid.
I listen to a lot of popular music, on satellite radio (without gaging), unlikely to buy any though. 

I think gyms are stupid.
I go to them when they’re convenient now. 

I think food fads and eating excessively “healthy” is stupid.
I drink mate tea and put chia seeds on my soy yogurt. 

I think judging other people is stupid, unless what’s being judged is their willful stupidity, then it’s ok.
I try to judge stupid people less as I think some of them can’t help it.

I think pretty much all religion or metaphysical belief is stupid.
I at least keep it to myself more often. 

I think believing in/being afraid of ghosts is stupid.
Yep, still stupid. 

I think being enthusiastic about learning and admitting I’m stupid about something is stupid. I like to act smug.
I don’t know if I’ll ever be capable of admitting I don’t know things and will absorb quietly and challenge people’s logic. 

I think taking only the main trail on a hike is stupid.
Depends on the hike, but mostly still true if it’s a popular hike. 

I think looking at my phone while watching a movie is stupid.
I do this sometimes – at home, if I’ve seen the movie :(.

I think talking on the phone while driving is stupid.
Still stupid, but I’ll try to look at the screen to my ipod to change the podcast or satellite radio if there’s no cars around. I may be evil.

I think deep water is scary and I feel like my phobia of water is justifiable and not embarrassing. Phobias are legit.

I think being afraid of wild animals is stupid.
I guess I can understand but I hate that people separate animals so much from themselves and don’t consider the psychology or situation an animal is in before acting like ninnys. Then they blame the animal if something goes awry. 

I’m a stubborn person.
Will always be true. 

I have gotten better about a few things over the years, I’m more willing to listen to “popular music” and sometimes like it. I am trying to make up for avoiding “classic” books, as I assumed they were stupid because “everyone liked them” and told me I HAD TO READ THEM (or I would die apparently), and I’m trying. I just really think our culture is lacking and mostly stupid, sorry.

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