WILT #39: I have too many tasks on my table at all times

WILT #39: I have too many tasks on my table at all times

Work on my main etsy store SEO.

Add more items to my main etsy store.

Market my main etsy store – constant. 

Take photos of stuff for my jewelry store (some done).

Work on my Jewelry etsy store.

Work on client stuff (web) –constant. 

Blog schedule for street-fashion.net – constant.

Work on images for blogs on nerdsontheroad.com

Write blogs on nerdsontheroad.com  – constant.

Make more jewelry  – constant.

Sew patches on my coat.

Make runawayrunway.com into a store again, pointlessly. – DELETED

Do something with zombiefreakfest.com? – DELETED

Sew a bag.

Fix my purse’s zipper.

Make tile coasters.

Make business card holders. – Nahhh

Make fiverr gigs no one will buy. – Nahhh

Finish my illustrator classes.

Unfortunately some of these things are in themselves week or month long projects to this is a fucking year of stuff to do, and most of it will NOT pay off. but I have no judge of what to give up on and what to go forth with. I’m thinking this blog is one of the problems but it does help to vent …. maybe…

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