WILT #40: Race issues are for all of us

WILT #40: Race issues are for all of us

I’ve been around a little, and maybe I don’t know everything, but I strongly believe that race, gender and sexual orientation issues are all of our issues. No group should have to fight for their rights alone. This is all of our world and I want a world where everyone has equal rights.

Visiting the civil rights museum in Memphis was a big thing for me. I already believed this, but after visiting that museum I felt it in my gut, that I will not stand for a country or planet where anyone has to go through anything so awful, or go through it alone. Of course groups should lead their movements and control the movements as they see fit, but they should be willing to get and take as much support as they can from anyone and everyone because this is about US not “them, and them, and we”- it’s “US” as a whole human race.

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