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What I learned today #4: Etsy SEO Keywords and tags via Marmalead

I have a lot of work to do, but hopefully it will pay off. I found out about Marmalead while watching Etsy SEO videos on YouTube and realised it’s the best replacement for Betsi that there is, an app I never used properly anyway.

I always have a hard time believing Etsy friendly SEO will help. I keep hoping somehow that google search will chime in and I can keep my listings looking like products instead of a gathering of keywords, but alas, I’ve given in. Having keyword heave titles is how Etsy puts you in their search results. I find ot much harder with photography than jewelry or antiques. Many of the best keywords are extremely popular, like “nature photography”, which obviously has over 50k results. So I’ll use it, buy I also have to look closer at my images and seek out other more not obvious terms I can compete for. Marmalead helps you make a list and compare them for popularity and conpetition. I got only 6 done today, so hopefully I’ll get faster.

It takes a while and a few tutorials to “see the point” I think, but hopefully the tedious task of redoing all 350 items in my shop will pay off.
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