Gilda (1946)

I really enjoyed this movie for several reasons. I was surprised to see it was in Buenos Aires, I lived there for a year and although they stated a few things concerning laws, the only other thing that seemed like Buenos Aires to me was the Germans but it was a cool random place for the movie to take place. In a few ways the film reminded me of Casa Blanca. Maybe it was the plane, Americans in an exotic location and difficult romantic situation.

Gilda was a pretty interesting character to me. I suspected early on that she only aimed to torture Johnny because of the love/hate game she knew she had mastered. She seemed to think that this game was somehow working to her advantage though it seemed to only make Johnny hate her more. The Freud article was really interesting for this situation too because Johnny was obviously intimidated by her power over him. She made him feel weak and helpless and he wanted to control her actions to pacify his own insecurity, even when she was not his. Even when they were together they showed no ability to communicate. I dont even understand how people end up together who dont/cant talk to each other about anything significant. I guess if it stays simple, Johnny doesn’t have to worry about a woman surpassing him at anything or challenging him. It was sad that Johnny found out from a detective that Gilda wasn’t cheating, and even sadder that Johnny and Gilda had to play games to end up together and realize they “love” each other. I actually found this to be a pretty realistic story because so many people dont communicate or trust each other, and many people do end up playing games. It was a pretty great movie overall for touching on that subject, though Im not sure that it was really complaining about it as I am.

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