Requim for a Dream (2009)

There are many, many addictions addressed in this film, Coffee, food, cleaning, TV, heroine, weed, pills, sex, money, dieting, attention, love all of them pretty much equal when it comes down to it. They all control some aspect of your life and choices – and all have consequences, especially when indulged in quantity. Most of the repercussions of addictions we are all aware of and have experience ourselves so more so than the addictions themselves I think the film makes a good point on their relation to one another and how the high and mighty over the “addicts” may only be unable to identify their own addictions as negative. An old woman can be a drug addict as easily as her derelict son. Some addictions definitely ruin lives, others only make you unhealthy or unhappy but by definition they are all counterproductive. we all have them.

The best thing about the film is the visuals. The camera work is really experimental, the angles throughout are really fascinating. The camera attached to the actor in front, on the floor of the car looking up, looking down at a stretcher, from security cameras, obstructed by a blurry shoulder, blurry eyed, fish eyed, shakey

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