Script Segment: The Insurance Adjuster

Script Segment: The Insurance Adjuster

Two men are sitting in a small mexican restaurant called “El Burro del Mar” outside

of a town called Globe, Arizona. A town just outside a reservation where the men are

investigating some routine car insurance dispute that’s kept them there for over 3 weeks

now. Scene starts mid conversation.


If I knew any better Id think you were feeling sorry for yourself again… never gets you anywhere you know.



Dude, I don’t wana hear that shit.. seriously… im just trying to talk


(leans back in bench)

Evenyone goes through this crap. You just have to take it as it comes and keep your head up.


.. if you say one more cliché im gona puke..

(puts head on table then up again)

you don’t have to listen, you can go back to the hotel ya know.


Fine, after I finish this crap they call mexican food. Whats wrong with this place?

*Through small window between kitchen and seating a short dark man peers out at Jared with recognition.



They must’v fired all the Mexicans.


I hate “americanized” mexican food.

(sees man looking at him through window, pause as Jarred contemplates something)

Lets go..

(stands up slowly)



Your not gona pay?


(starts walking towards the door)

Nah, fuckem, customer satisfaction

(visualy nervous)

We can go to Super Burrito Express on the way to the hotel.

The two exit the restaurant, Jeremy more worried about the consequences yet not willing to take a stand at all follows Jarred to the rental car several feet behind because of Jarred’s haste, to the drivers side. The two get in the car and Jarred turns the key.


You do that a lot?


Nah, just wanted to leave.


(confused look)

Huh… [as in interesting]

There is a pause while they pull out of the very bumpy, pothole ridden dirt driveway visibly being bounced around the car a bit.


So we were talking about some girl or some catastrophic life ruining event in your life ,right? … kindof a prelude to next weeks “talk” (smirks)


(also smiling but trying not to)

Yeah, I know, I have a lot of complaints these days.


Who Doesn’t I guess…. Its not like I love my life so much.

Car starts to get a little speed as it comes completely out of huge parking lot.

Now you can faintly hear yelling outside over the low music of the radio in the car. It’s the man who was in the kitchen and you can see him out of focus in back window waving his arms around and going back in the restaurant. Car pulls onto road.


Back window of car shatters and car starts to veer.



What the fuck was that?!


(very angry)

Shit, shit shit shit SHIT!!

Jarred floors car and speeds off. Jeremy looking backwards to see short man with a shotgun and running behind restaurant.


Now tell me that was worth it asshole?!

That guys trying to blow a hole in out heads because you didn’t pay for your stupid three dollar burrito!

(starts babbling)

Why do I even deal with this shit. They said I could come back to Phoenix and you could finish but I said.. noooo.. this is like a vacation compared to… (fades off)

*In Jared’s head. Camera narrows into eyes and rear view mirror where hes watching a truck tearing through the huge pothole parking lot. He can only hear the music on the radio, a song finishes and goes to a new one. He realizes Jarred is shaking his arm.


(had been looking back also)

Why are they following us!!?


(noticeably irritated)

Lets just say ,I may or may not have caused that guy a little loss in the insurance world



A little loss? What the hell does that mean?

A lapse in coverage…you stole it?

That guy’s pretty pissed off man.


(Still irritated and trying to keep far ahead of the truck behind him)

I was here about a year ago and… um…

(Slightly embarrassed)

I also got his daughter pregnant




(Visibly getting angry)

And what? As if that shit wasn’t enough….


(Smirking a little)

And burned down his house to get his daughter away from him


(shocked and yelling)

What the hell..

Where was I? Where’s this girl?

Why are you making this shit up?

This isn’t fucking funny man

(truck in back window doesn’t seem to be gaining speed well

you can barely see someone on passenger side leaning out window)

Just tell me you stole a few grand from this guy

I don’t even care. …I’m just not gona die because you fucked up


Man in passenger side shoots and grazes the side of Jeremy’s head

Jeremy is screaming and bleeding and holding his ear.

*In Jarred’s head again. Jeremy’s voice fades out. You can see him kicking the dash and Jared’s view of the road in front.

Jarred starts to remember how this all started and how its going to have to end.  Jarred comes to.
Jeremy Screaming and yelling at Jarred.


She left me actually.

(laughs a little)

after all I did

(gets suddenly serious)


(still screaming)

What! What!

Fuck you! Fuck you!

Jeremy kicks at steering wheel and tries to kick Jarred. Car veers to the left and a fade into light brings in next scene.

The next scene is a flashback to a better explanation of the event.

The film is basically about two men sent to this small town in Arizona to deal with a life insurance claim dispute between the inheriting family. Its kind of a road trip for both of them. They just have to show up at court in the town till its over. Free hotel, free food, rental car, etc.  The focus of the film is not about the claim but about the men and this particular event that causes a flash back to several years ago when Jarred was in town for a similar reason and left a lot of dirty laundry behind. After the flash back that explains a little more clearly the two find they are dealing with a man (the father) that’s pretty serious about revenge, not because he loves his daughter but more so because a possession was taken from him (his daughter). It turns out that even though the girl left Jarred, she did not go back to her father either. The father didn’t know she had left him and Jarred doesn’t know she’s not in town.. Either way Jarred also stole the bonds that were part of his inheritance that he never planned to give to his Daughter, forged some insurance papers to cash in his life insurance claim (with a fake death certificate), and burned down his house to finish off the story, all while the father was out in Mexico visiting family.  The girl left Jarred, took all the money and her father had to reestablish that he wasn’t dead to the state.

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