Vertigo (1958)

It took me a long time to post just because I didn’t really get into the abstract, philosophical and overly complicated interpretation in Sans Soliel and didn’t know what to write in relation to it. I understand what the video was saying but I felt that the way it was presented inflated its meaning to an epiphany when it was merely another way of seeing as the lecture spoke about. I guess that was the point of watching the video.

I have had this film show up in a few classes and I’ve tried to see it from many different angles. I usually choose to see films as far from “the preferred reading” as possible just to keep my defiance of society active. This time watching, I mostly felt many of the emotions Scottie felt while also feeling a little sorry for him -empathy and sympathy I suppose, but mostly I focused on his vulnerability. I tried to put the film in the context of the time in which it was made, an era of this country struggling to portray itself as an upstanding moral society where couples meet in highschool, marry and stay that way. I tried to keep that in mind to understand why Scotty was so smitten with “Madeline” , but couldn’t stop thinking of Scotty as being naive and weak minded for going completely insane and filled with guilt over tragedies he was not to blame for. It was hard for me to feel sorry so weak and creepy a character. I saw Madeline lacking personality, depth or any basis in reality

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