The Zombies

When they came, I only saw the whites of their eyes. Its not that they didn’t have pupils.. I just didn’t want to see them. Thinking of them as zombies makes them much easier to kill. The last time they came, it was raining just like today; they marched in small groups, just like today, but this time we know they travel this way to look less intimidating when they knock on your door and ask you for all your things of value.. your food.. and your children… but when you resist there are 20 more around the corner and on the rooftops ready to kill you without a blink, in fact… they prefer it. These bastards took my daughter last year.. and my sisters son the year before. The only children left are the newborns and the ones we hid last year. People who hid children last year.. this year get shot, and of course lose the child…. but what good is a dead mother and father to a child anyway.
This year we prepared better. News came from the last village that they were on their way and even a guess at how many were traveling. For some god awful reason they walk in this weather. They keep one horse pulled wagon filled with goods, one with children, and one with dead resisters and dry ice. The goods go to market, the children go to market, and the dead go to market. You wouldn’t believe the money there is in a live child, a healthy liver and a wagon full of crap.
That’s all over though now… women dressed as men in the village., the men in the trees armed with guns, and the children in the barn with the livestock. Fool-proof damnit.

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